After pinning a few feasible rug options for the studio earlier this year, my bubble burst when Scott reminded me that my office chair had wheels. While I prefer my someday (much larger) studio to have an ooshy, cushy rug for my bare toes, the boy had a point. How was I to roll with all the traction of a too-thick carpet? After a few days of denial, I returned to the drawing board and found Flor’s Sophistikat.

We have Flor in our entryway, and a quick test roll confirmed that I could have my cake and eat it too. We picked up a few samples from their Chicago showroom (where we saw Jackie Boy’s paws on their wall!), and easily picked Sophistikat over the other contender, Road to Damaskus.

The winning layout? 1!

The uneven stripes were just off enough to work, and the long lines seem to exaggerate the length in my bitty room. (Although admittedly, the choice was tough.)

Which would you have picked?

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19 replies on “1 Flor, 3 Ways.”

  1. Nicely done. That Flor product is great for small spaces – customizable, stylish, etc. I almost always shy away from buying traditional rugs for the reason that I know they will never fit my small apartment spaces the way I’d want.

    Looks good. I need to give this stuff more consideration next time.

  2. One is my favorite layout too – love that color! So beautiful!

  3. I love all of the options, but for the reasons you mentioned, prefer #1 out of them all. I LOVE the blue (reminisce of the wall that once was?) and can definitely tell it elongates the room.

  4. I like them all but your reason for choosing #1 makes a lot of sense. The other two might be also be a little too attention-pulling for the room as a whole.

  5. I love the versitility of what you got. I may choose one layout one month and change it just because I can. I would have started with 3 just for the interest.

  6. #3. Such a fun pattern. But you were right, would have been a tough choice — but you can change it every week if you want :)

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