I know Scott wanted a no fuss, no muss 31st birthday this year (we properly celebrated his 30th with a hoopla last year), but we still stole moments from the weekend to eat cake, sing and be merry. Before we spread our picnic blankets at the Ravinia Festival last night, we squeezed in a few hours of work on Saturday afternoon, but more than made up for it by enjoying the tail-end of the Old Town Arts Fest that evening. (And by tail-end, I mean we strolled in at closing time, but stuck around for drinks, naturally.)

What we didn’t do: home projects of any kind. It felt good.

A happy, happy birthday to my favorite person in the world – who took care of me when I had a little too much fun on his special day. Oh, dear. You are too good for words.

How was your weekend?

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  1. It was SO great to run into you amidst the picnic blankets, vino, and tunes! Happy Birthday Scott :) Can’t wait to see ya’ll soon.

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