A Glass A Day…

I have a confession to make.  I have an addiction.  To wine.  It’s true that I like a nice, full glass from time to time, but who doesn’t?  Sometimes one glass can lead to two (or three), and sure, we have to stock up at the liquor stores for the cheaper varieties as to not break the bank.  But what can I say?  There’s just something about that rich, liquid weight in the palm of my hand.  Is it bad that I begin hankering for my first glass at 2 PM?  Can anyone out there vouch for my cravings and openly agree with me?

Call me a wine-o if you will, but even I can admit I’m not exactly that knowledgeable when it comes to delicate finishes, spicy palettes, and full-bodied flavors.  Heck, I even made up that verbiage.  I have my favorite bottles that come in at $3.99, but every now and then, I’ll splurge on the $10 varieties.  I know, I can be a real kook.  But am I right or am I right that any bottle named after a cute animal is usually a good bet?

Tonight, I departed from my usual stand-by choices and snagged two bottles that just looked pretty flippin’ neat.  At just $5.99 a piece, they easily fell within my budget friendly price range.  How fun are these label graphics? These puppies would surely be amusing host(ess) gifts for dinner parties, holidays, or friendly gatherings (hint, hint to my lovely amigos).  Amidst a sea of tall green bottles with muddy labels and too much text, these babies practically leaped off the shelves and into my arms.  Oh, how I can’t wait to pop those tops!


So let’s all raise a glass.  Here’s to happiness and curiosity.  Drink up.  Because as they say, it’ll keep those doctors away.

6 replies on “A Glass A Day…”

  1. definitely questionable packaging! did you partake yet? and no you didn’t make up that wine-talk verbiage. i think i heard all those terms used in sideways. mwa!

  2. Not at all surprised that these were calling your name. I think I’ve gone the opposite direction in my alcohol-drinking career– when I was younger I really liked red wine and liquor but now if I drink at all, it’s usually a lager or wheat ale. Maybe it’s because of all the Mexican food out here and how it goes so well with cerveza, but I love a good cold beer, maybe with a splash of lime. Do you ever feel like (red) wine is a little warm for summertime temperatures?

  3. Oh, Kalli, I still love a good cold beer. You know me, I never was a fan of liquor, but I just can’t pass up a red! Yes, it does get a little warm in the summer weather, but to be honest, Chicago hasn’t really felt summer just yet. Perhaps by August I’ll be pulling coldies from the fridge.

    1. Hi Jessica, good question! I’ve already downed the question mark, and it’s long gone to the recycling world. I’m currently enjoying a glass with the smiley face, and it’s a syrah from project happiness. I can definitely tell you that they were/are both delicious! If I had to choose, I’m digging the happiness over the question mark.

  4. Thanks…I will try to look for it. You are right that would be a great gift!

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