We had a ‘Brickwarming’ party a couple weeks ago – a name lovingly dubbed by one of our neighbors – and we had every intention of completing two tasks before our friends and family came over to eat, drink and be merry: 1) Paint and stain the patio stairs, and 2) install a patio light above our built-in bench.

For every weekend we had available to paint that staircase, the rain blew in, and we were forced to add that to-do back onto next weekend’s list. On the sunniest of weekend days, we were either out of town or had guests in town. All this to say, it’s the end of October, and only one of those items was crossed off our list in time for the party, and it wasn’t those stairs. (This weekend, maybe?)

So, silver lining, our patio light was installed just in time! When we hung our DIY trellises on the garage, we mounted them high, knowing that we wanted to balance them out with a sweet little gooseneck above this window:


We have long loved the Carson wall mounts at Rejuvenation, but no matter how many times we measured the space above the window, it just wasn’t going to fit. The projection was either too deep, or the shades added too much height, and we knew that the final results would look squashed. Sadly, it was too tight of a fit.

But! I stumbled across the Carson 12″ gooseneck sconce, the tinier, sweeter cousin to the big guy! The toughest part was deciding between cobalt or green (cobalt or green, cobalt or green?), and at one point, we might have considered copper, too. In the end, we decided on the 12″ sconce in cobalt blue (who’s surprised?), and when it arrived we did a quick dry fit to test it in the space. Just right! (Necessary side note: Rejuvenation is having their annual Friends & Family sale, and every last thing is 20% off with the code FRIENDS16 through October 31st!) 


We picked up this 75 watt LED bulb, below, with a list of factors to consider. Navigating the lighting aisle is always a little tricky, even for us, but these were our must-haves:

The bulb needed to be outdoor rated. (Check!)
We wanted a bright white light, with a temperature between 2700K-3000K. (Check!)
Every light in our home is dimmable, and this one was to be no exception. (Check!)


Our sconce was installed by an electrician we’ve been working with for years, and he ran all new conduit from the inside of our garage, behind the pegboard wall. When he was finished, we couldn’t believe that the wall looked untouched! He did such a great job, and I’m happy to pass along his name if you’re in Chicago. A new dimmer switch was added right inside the garage (man) door, and having the extra light on this side of the patio has been a game changer.


As you can see from these photos, the rain seems to be following us around! Above is the view from our kitchen, and we’re hoping that we can get one more weekend of semi-warm weather to knock out the deck stain. We know this is wishful thinking, but we haven’t given up hope – yet.

10 replies on “A Mini Gooseneck for the Patio”

  1. I just love this space! Genius to plan for outdoor lighting that can be dimmed. You have really created lovely oasis in the city. I hope you get that deck stained – looks like you could really have some luck this weekend with the weather. How fun would it be if you could project the Cubs game on the back of your garage and have people over to watch? As you plan for next year, you may want to plan for two projects that will make your lives prettier and easier…..first, low voltage stake lighting in the garden beds for ambient lighting – maybe even running some under the deck area. Second, and most importantly, running a drip irrigation system on a timer for your planter boxes. The first project is actually pretty inexpensive, although your electrician should probably handle it (sounds like he’s awesome). The second would be a snap for you two – I can’t believe how handy you are! In any case – great work! I’m off to plant 2,250 bulbs so my spring won’t be as dreary as most Chicago ones are. Go Cubs!!!!

    1. You’re reading our minds! When we had the extra wide stairs built, we wanted it to feel like stadium seating so we could eventually consider a projector onto the garage! And yup, more ambient lighting will be added to the garden next year. First, we need to see how many of our plants make it back – you just never know how cold the winter will be, but we’re hoping our insulation will help those planter boxes. Happy bulb planting, Trish!

  2. So so pretty! The blue of the shade looks amazing with the pale green of the table! You guys are the kings of contrast!

  3. Have you thought about shutters at all on your cute little window? I feel like that could add some nice contract as well! Love what you have done and the symmetry that the trellises provide!

  4. Looks like clearance is excluded from the Rejuvenation Friends and Family sale. Bummer!

  5. Love, love, love it! You’ve inspired me to finally sort out what to do with my back deck.

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