A New Bed for Jack

On our recent trip to Milwaukee we saw and experienced many wonderful things; art, food, drinks, and this fantastic bathroom. Right around the corner from said bathroom, we  wandered into a really cool boutique pet shop in the Third Ward, Metropawlis.

Metropawlis stocks all sorts of cool treats and toys for your beloved pet, but the first thing that caught our eye was this title track duvet by Molly Mutt. The doggie duvets are similar to an ordinary duvet that you might use to disguise a comforter that has long passed it’s expiration date. In our case, we were looking to disguise Jack’s former dog bed, which he had shown his moderate dislike toward by gnawing away each of the eight corners. It was fine by us, as we were never totally in love with the look of it from the beginning, but were happy with the size and shape.

Molly Mutt to the rescue… we ponied up the 30 bones for a medium size duvet measuring in at a happy-medium 27 x 36 x 5 inches. And presto, the just-right size perfectly covered the cornerless bed that we’d grown wary of. Kim had some surplus pillow batting laying around, so we stuffed that inside the duvet to add some extra oomph for our medium-sized mutt. The super tough piping feels durable enough even for Jack’s gnashers, and that’s sayin’ something.


Don’t have a bed to begin with? Molly Mutt also offers DIY Kits, which include everything from the cover of your choice, to the stuff to stuff it with.  We’ve even heard rave reviews on a stuff-it-yourself using old towels and tees.


Is that not the happiest and sweetest dog you’ve ever laid eyes on? Okay, we may be biased. The new duvet fits perfectly in the little nook next to our coffee table, and Jack spends every evening curled up in a warm little ball of fur with his Nylabone and Extreme Kong as hard plastic pillows. Whatever floats your boat, little fella. We’ll stick to down.

11 replies on “A New Bed for Jack”

  1. He’s got such a pattable head, with that cute furrowed brow. I like that green. It would probably be too much for a person-sized duvet, but for a doggy bed it’s great. Does he like the colder weather of winter?

  2. Kalli, I don’t think he loves the cold any more than we do. While walking him after a big snow, he’ll constantly shake the snow off his paws, do his business, and then run back to our door!

  3. What a great idea! I haven’t heard of a dog bed duvet before and will now have to look for one for our pooch. The first picture is so great–cute dog, cute bed and cute rug!

  4. I love that I just ran across this. Not only is Jack the cutest looking pup, his bed is super stylin! I have been debating over a few different Molly Mutt duvet’s for our pup recently and seeing it in action makes me want one more!

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