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Love where you live now. Essentially, that’s the backbone of this blog. Whether you own, rent, travel, live alone or with a partner or a pet or your family – love it. It’s why we write the DIYs and why we share the process. We consider this a community where we’re all just – I don’t know – hanging out? Talking with one another? We like to think of this blog as a back and forth; we share, you share, and together, we all inspire one another. In our very specific case, we talk about home. Whether it’s us or you, let’s make this home (whatever that looks like!), a place that lays the groundwork for your hobbies, the potluck you’re hosting on Friday night, your nights in and your rushed mornings out the door.

So often we hear you say, I’m taking notes for my future home! Honestly? We hear it a lot, and we get it – we’ve been guilty of it, too! But it also hurts our hearts to know that you’re waiting – you’re holding out on your own joy for something that you think will be the magic scenario in which you can do this or that. The scenario in which you buy the sofa. Wall mount the television. Splurge on the nice bedding. Build the pantry of your dreams. Paint the cabinets!

Do you remember our friends Daniel and Meghan? They helped us completely demo Tree House, and they spent an entire weekend helping us plant trees and haul gravel and fill a doggie pit. (In other words, the very definition of true, selfless friends.) Right now, they rent an adorable apartment full of vintage charm, and although it’s already overflowing with the sweetest details, they have told us too many times that they find themselves holding back on beloved purchases because – here it is – they’re waiting on their future home.

No more, we say! As the smallest of thank yous for all that they’ve done for us, we wanted to pay it forward and surprise them with a head-to-toe living room makeover with help from Article (a brand we adore so much, we own two of their sofas)! I still don’t think they believed us until the last item was in place. Guys, we love you, and you deserve the very, very best. Like, right now. Psst: We’re also sharing the love with a $1,000 Article giveaway at the end of this post!

Living Room Before

A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home

It’s really cute already, right? Daniel and Meghan have great style, but they admitted that they rarely spend time in their living room, if at all. The sofa had seen better days, and it wasn’t very conducive to lounging (let alone for two people to sprawl or cuddle). Their only chair had been claimed by their dog, Roo, and naturally, it became his and his alone! The rug was too small, the walls sterile, and although they were ob​​​​​​​sessed with the same Hira ottoman we have at Tree House, they wanted to wait until – yup – they found their future home. Sooo, we added that ottoman to our Article shopping cart, along with a sofa and rug and a boatload of accessories!

Living Room Now

A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home

Another sign of a true friend? When we suggested we paint the walls pink, they said, which shade? (This is Benjamin Moore Odessa Pink, by the way. It’s a good one!)

Another Before

A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home

And After!

A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home
A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home
A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home

It’s hard to know where to begin. The leather sectional? The garnet pillows? The oversized pouf or the cushy green rug (or, or!)? Okay, but seriously, the sofa. We landed on the Timber corner sectional in Chocolat. It was absolutely made for this space! It’s constructed of the softest analine leather, tucks nicely into the corner, and has the prettiest legs I ever did see. The down filled cushions are incredibly cushy, and the back offers support while also being sinkable. Basically, it’s a dreamboat.

A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home
A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home
A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home

The Hira ottoman started it all! Meghan picked up a tray for displaying a few favorite items, and the 30″ round is large without taking over the small(ish) room. It’s so pretty on top of the Adria rug, and the 8′ x 10′ is large enough to tuck under the sofa and fill the entire space.

A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home
A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home
A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home

For task lighting or low evening light, we mounted the Leap sconce into the corner. It has a long swiveling arm, but I’m especially in love with the copper detail. Cute, cute.

A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home
A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home
A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home

Daniel and Meghan receive great light, and apparently their thumbs are greener than ours! They already had a beautiful collection of plants, and we wanted to show them off with staggering heights. On a whim, we brought in the Oscuro bar cart in walnut, and I’m so happy we did. The plants can happily drink in the afternoon sun, but it will also be a nice landing zone to drop their keys as they come and go (the front door is just out of view, to the right, of the below photo).

A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home
A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home
A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home

They already had this great bookcase, but we layered it with the Tana stool. I’ve loved this stool for years, and I was so happy to see it in person; it’s everything I hoped it to be! Heavy, strong and handsome. It will be a nice spot to rest their drinks, or it can easily become additional seating.

A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home
A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home
A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home

The room came together better than any of us could have imagined. The peachy blush walls and the chocolate sofa, the mossy rug and the velvety plum pillows – ugh. We’re thrilled. They’re thrilled! It all feels layered and cozy and warm and so very, very Daniel and Meghan (and Roo, too!).

A rental living room gets a makeover with Article furniture | Love where you live now! | via Yellow Brick Home

Living Room Sources:

Timber sectional | Hira ottoman | Lucca pillows | Tana end table | Adria rug | Leap sconce | Mollo rust pink throw | Atico knit throw | Oscuro walnut bar cart | bookcase | natural pendant light

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  142. My husband + our twin 2-year-olds are in our house for the long-haul.  We’re in the middle of a big addition that will add 800 sqft of living space to our main living floor, + 800 down below for his pottery studio and a small rentable studio apartment.  I can’t wait, but I’m also really anxious about furnishing it (mostly the cost of doing so, after spending our 7 years of savings on the addition itself).  I’ve been daydreaming about our main big splurge being a great corner sectional couch, so I love your blog posts involving couch selections (Timber and Mello) and I also WANT the svelti dining chairs for our normal dining table!

  143. I have several pieces from Article and really like them!  I’d love a new headboard like the Sera maybe and a new couch for my living room.  I can’t decide between grey or black

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  145. I would love to redo our “wood room.” It has furniture from our old house and everything is too brown.

  146. I just lost a good hour dreaming while perusing Article’s website.

  147. I need a new dresser, so my favorite article from right now would be the Taiga Smoke 5 Drawer Dresser!

  148. I love this! Some things require waiting because of a landlord or finances (a bathroom renovation, for us, had us saving ideas for years before we bought a place and were in a position to make it happen), but I agree wholeheartedly that it’s worth making a home you love today! And this is such a beautiful example of that. Thanks for sharing.

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    Delivered to Topeka, KS : May 3rd – 13th

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