A Wine That Loves Food

As you know, I love a deal.  And when it comes to wine, I know exactly where my under-$5 bottles are stashed at the local grocery store.  Lately, it seems I’m not the only one who knows their bottom-shelf secret, and I’m no longer suprised when I see a big empty spot in place of shiny, perfect bottles.  So you can imagine the smile on my face when we spotted a big ol’ rack of $4.99 deals at World Market.  But the best part isn’t the low price, rather, I was absolutely smitten by the labels.


How much do I really know about pairing a certain wine with a certain food? Truth is, I don’t have the first clue, and I’ll be the first to admit it.  I like what I like, so I drink what I like.  I love red, and that’s usually that.  But these babies might just open up a whole new door for me.  A door full of new flavors and yummy palettes. With a label that actually points you in the right direction, how could I go wrong? We’ll see. Until I pop that first top, they sure do look cute sitting on my wine rack.

6 replies on “A Wine That Loves Food”

  1. Well, I LOVED the wine that LOVES pizza. It was a big LOVEfest and thanks to you, I need to head over to the World Market.

  2. Angela, I tried the wine that loves chicken while eating…well, chicken… and it was ALSO very delicious. A tidge sweeter than the pizza wine, but still yummy. And Kelly, can’t you squeeze in one glass?

  3. I wonder if they have white wine that “loves” fish or “loves dessert” etc. You guys need to come out to visit me and we could do the awesome coastal road trip up to SF and wine country.

    1. Kalli, there was a wine that loves salmon. However, it was white and described as “sweet,” which isn’t something that I dig. No wine loving dessert though, good suggestion! And we plan on visiting, once we add some cush to our accounts, we’ll be booking tickets! Perhaps mid-next year?

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