I last made a wreath for our home 3 years ago, and while we loved it at the time, we’ve been craving something different (less houndstooth, less crafty) – and for the first time since we’ve lived in Chicago, we actually have an exterior front door to hang it on! Wanting something that felt more winter-esque than overly-holiday themed, we opted to use fresh cuts in blue-green colors:


I put this guy together a couple of weeks ago for less than $30 in supplies – including a one time purchase wreath form that’ll keep giving year after year. Over time, the leaves have dried beautifully, and it fits this house much more than our wreath of yore. For our full tutorial, we invite you to visit the Bali Blinds blog!

4 replies on “A DIY Winter Wreath”

  1. It’s beautiful! I love how well it goes with your front door color, too. And that it will look great and be appropriate well past Christmas. And that it’s natural — and I bet it smells great!

    1. Coming up with the shopping list is the hardest part, I think. Everything should be easy to find at any florist! Good luck!

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