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The lovely Cait of Hernando House stays busy, busy while transforming her first house into that thing we all strive for – a place to call home. (Aw, cheesy lines, we heart you.) We enjoy following along, picking up tips, ideas, and who’da thoughts along the way, so of course we’re flattered she’s here to join us today!

Hey y’all, I’m Cait! My husband, Robert, and I blog over at Hernando House and we are so excited that Kim & Scott asked us to guest post today! I thought I’d share the quick doorbell project we tackled, since we have been working on our front porch recently.

Last August, Robert and I splurged on some Anthropologie doorknobs to spice up a basic bed frame, and since then we have been waiting for inspiration to strike as far as what to do with the rosettes. After reading about Emily’s doorbell surround on Merrypad, we decided to ditch the idea of using a Restoration Hardware doorbell in favor of making our own. (Which is pretty fitting, since the desire to spruce up our front porch came from reading about all the ways Emily is improving her house’s curb appeal).

We picked up the same basic $3.50 wired doorbell button that Emily used and determined that the hole in the rosette would need to be slightly widened in order for the button to sit flush.

Robert secured the rosette to a piece of scrap wood to keep it from moving around, and used a 1/2 inch drill bit and his Dremel (technically we needed a 5/8 bit but we didn’t have one) to widen the hole until the button fit in place easily.

About 15-20 minutes later we simply secured the rosette to the exterior wall with a couple of screws we had laying around, stepped back, and admired our handiwork!

So that is how we gave our doorbell a facelift with just $3.50 (which is a pretty significant savings even though the Restoration Hardware doorbell was only $10 to begin with). Also, we think the Anthropologie rosette goes along better with our front door anyway. We still have a lot of work to do with the porch, and later on we’ll replace the door chime part of the doorbell, but for now we’re satisfied.

Thanks again to Kim & Scott for having us! I hope you’ll stop by our blog to check out what else we’ve been up to!

Thank you, Cait!

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  1. Thanks Amanda and Kate!

    Kate- We were definitely fortunate in that we had the rosette already! The cost of the full doorknob set was about $38, but you can buy individual rosettes from places like Historic Houseparts, eBay, and local antique or salvage shops. Some of them are more expensive than the Restoration Hardware doorbell we were modeling ours after, but hopefully anyone looking to tackle a similar project will luck into something great!

  2. I have the same before… how did you remove that plain doorbell surround?

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