Tray Shmay

Sometimes, as a faithfully devoted husband, concessions are made when it comes time to decide how my time is spent. This post is a detailed account of one aforementioned concession. On a recent innocent trip to a local second-hand store to pick up some vintage picture frames for Renegade, my dear wife spotted this fancy […]

The Most Exciting Thing You Will Read.

Let’s take a moment to talk about something very exciting – blinds! What, that’s not exciting to you? Yeah, us either. But it’s funny, because for something so very, very un-exciting, we sure did spend a boat load of time on the topic. Like, months. And I wish we were kidding. (Of course, we did […]

Canning Paint

Working in such tight quarters with a few fuzzy co-workers, while fun (and yes, I talk to them all the time), can pose challenges in cleanliness. I like my studio fur-free, so we vacuum almost daily, and before punching out, I usually take a damp cloth to wipe everything down. The biggest challenge, however, are […]

(The Printer Isn’t) Trapped in the Closet

A few months ago, I revamped my closet as one of the first steps toward completing Kim’s Stu-Stu-Studio makeover. Things went very well at first, but I slowly realized that while the bones were good, it would need some tweaking. In all honesty, things had gone downhill pretty quickly. Jump forward a few months, and […]

Clearing the Junk. Or Organizing It, Anyway.

It should be no secret that we have a junk drawer. Everyone does, yeah? But what happens when one drawer multiplies three-fold, and then before you know it, you can’t remember what drawer is holding what junk? While we’re not the biggest fans of our kitchen cabinet finishes (let’s just say we wouldn’t have picked […]