It’s Getting There.

Our definition of ‘getting there’ used to be much more lighthearted. A-ha! This pillow is just what we needed for the new bedsheets! Yes, it’s definitely getting there, we’d say. Or, hey, should I move this potted succulent to a different shelf? Ooh, much better. Yup, the shelf styling is getting there. Those were good […]

A Change of Door Plans (+ Let’s Fix This)

Let’s revisit the front door. After a few of you suggested that a single pane window transom paired with our address numbers would look stunning, it took us all of 5 seconds to think, you know what? You’re right. Yes! Done. We were pointed in the direction of fellow DIY blog Old Town Home (we’re […]

This, That and All the Things

If yesterday’s post title wasn’t any indication that, lately, we’ve had an affinity for the word¬†things, well, then this random round-up should. It seems – no, wait, definitely – that we’ve been so wrapped up in this house that we can’t form proper sentences. We’ll fully admit: this crazy ride has been up (really up!) […]

These Old Pipes

Our house was built in 1887, making our most recent baby 126-years-old. We absolutely love the romantic idea of fixing up our turn-of-the-century home (we often wonder about the house’s first owners – what furniture they owned, what they wore and how they talked [all proper like, obviously]), and with every Demo Day came fun, […]

The Great Door Hunt of 2013

When wrapping our brains around the reconfiguration of our house’s entryway, we knew that there were two big things we needed to take care of: ONE, get those walls down (check!) and TWO, add storage. After working with our architect-turned-friend-turned-home-therapist Nancy, we knew it made the most sense to reverse the sun nook’s closet, which […]

The Second Floor Landing

Once we had the entryway floors pulled up, we were ready to move onto Phase 2 of Weekend Project – demolish that second floor landing! When we showed you the floor plans for the house, we weren’t sure if it would be in our budget to take down the wall that partitioned the second floor […]

The Entryway Floor Takes a Hike (For Now)

First – a big congrats to Diana C as the winner of the Home Depot gift card giveaway! And a big thank you to all who participated and shared links. You’ve inspired the pants off us. As with all the to-dos we’ve tackled in the house so far, we’ve taken each room from so-so to […]

And the Ceiling Goes Up!

And when the first floor ceiling goes up, the second floor floors also go up. But let’s take one step back. As mentioned earlier this week, we met with our contractors* over the weekend to firm things up, triple check the estimate and discuss any more demo that Scott and I could tackle ourselves (therefore, […]