Partition? Down. AstroTurf? Up.

First! Ten million thank yous to our wonderful, gracious house guests: Kalli, Julia, Jillian, Heather, Rob, Jodi, Meg, Rex and Julie (whew!). We sincerely hope you enjoyed “meeting” some of our closest friends and blog favorites. We couldn’t have gotten as much done as we did without them, and for that, we owe ’em. Big […]

The Stairs: 0, Kim: 1

It never, ever ceases to amaze us how one coat of paint (or in our case, primer) can make all the difference in a room. With that said – in between scrubbing the walls, priming the walls and disinfecting every single surface on the second floor – the upstairs unit still feels… off. In a […]

All the Action Happens On the Second Floor.

This coming weekend, we’ll be moving into the new house – and OMG, there is so, so much to do before then! While the entryway, ceiling and room partitions will be corrected by contractors, we’ve been pouring all of our free time into making the home liveable before we fill it with boxes. (We did […]

Come On In.

It would be really cruel of us to get into the second week of July and withhold photos of the new home, and since I’ve finally had a moment to edit down my¬†way, way too many photos into an amount that makes sense (we hope), let’s do this! It was really interesting to see our […]