Holy ships, what a weekend! We met too many wonderful people (and we loved meeting some of you personally), sold our little hearts out and smiled until our cheeks hurt. We got tipsy on cold drinks, filled up on local soups and put a big dent in our inventory – thank you. We’ll be taking today a little easy, and we’ll be back with a full run down tomorrow!

Until then, here’s our annual photo booth snap; never mind that Scott would rather yak than kiss me in #3. Love that dork. Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. My husband and I went to check out the fair on Sarurday afternoon. We couldn’t believe the crowd! Was it packed the whole time? Unfortunately, I gave up too easily on making my way through the crowds and only saw your booth for a few seconds. Loved the giraffe and lamb paintings though! Glad to hear the fair was a success!

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