11 replies on “Day 2”

  1. LOVE the cave pictures! How gorgeous :) Oh, and the puppy with red hair haha.

  2. you’re in my old hood! that’s the dog park i took my chow chow to for years. making me miss hollywood something fierce! the west side just doesn’t have the charm. hope you’re having fun :-)

  3. I would have given anything to have Jack running free in that park! So beautiful.

    Two Pitties, the short sleeves and sunglasses in February are the best!

  4. You know me and blazers; is that grey one sweatshirt material? I want that!

  5. Oops, wrong post…. you know which one i’m talking about. Anyways, while i’m slaving away making a billion sugar cookies (which holy hell, they are harder than i thought!) today, i’ll be dreaming of sunshine and gigantic beers. Ah, someday.

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