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If there’s one thing we could use around here, it’s a simple project (the most satisfying) and a teensy bit of normalcy. Unfortunately for us, the normalcy isn’t too close in our future, but fortunately for our spoiled, pampered (loved to bits) pup, we’ve squeezed in a mini project to enhance his every day routine. (In addition to his new yard, front porch and all day naps, this is just what he needs, right?) So while we’ve only just unpacked our plates and coffee mugs, we’ve taken the time to create a totally necessary pet food station for our main man.

painter's tape, scotchblue painter's tape, tape

In partnership with ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape and The Home Depot as part of the Ready, Set, Paint Blog Hop, we put together this food station for Jack (and eventually, we’d like to make a mini one for the girls, too!) using leftover studs from our entryway. Which, besides being upcycled and doggone adorable – ha! – it also works triple duty to cheer up our sad kitchen.

1 – 6′ section of stud, saved from our entryway demolition
Hairpin legs (we used 9″ legs from Cream Street Shop)
2 – stainless bowls
4″ drywall screws (because our stud was so thick)
Test pot of Lemon Zest paint by Behr
Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish

Compound miter saw (to cut our stud into 3 usable sections)
Mini Kreg jig
Measuring tape
Jig saw
Sanding block / Mouse sander
ScotchBlue™ Advanced Multi-Surface Painter’s Tape
Paint/Foam brushes

WHAT WE DID: We scavenged for a good looking leftover stud, and started by cutting it into 3 equal 22″ sections. Using our Kreg jig kit, we installed 4″ drywall screws on the ends and middle of each of the 3 pieces, creating one solid base. This will be the tray part of the food station.

Once we had this, we took our food bowls and traced around the outside, mostly eyeballing the placement. We used our measuring tape to make sure they were floating evenly within the tray, then we…

… used a jig saw to cut out each circle just inside the line. This would allow the lip of the food and water bowl to rest on top of the tray, while the remainder of the bowls would sit below the surface. I used a sanding block to smooth out any rough edges, and I followed that up with our power mouse sander to get rid of large splinters and (mostly) even everything out.

We tightened the existing screws and added a handful more – again, using the Kreg jig kit – to really pull everything together. (Below, you’ll see what the bottom of our tray looks like.) Once it was good and sturdy (and boy, is it!) we used more of the same drywall screws to install our hairpin legs.

Never having used ScotchBlue tape before, I put all my faith in it by really going for it. I lined the top of the food station with the tape, then used a small foam brush to paint the edges in the bright yellow paint (Lemon Zest by Behr). Because we like the look of the 100-year-old wood, we decided to keep all the scuffs and pocks in place – no spackle was used to fill any old nail holes.

To be honest, we were a little nervous to pull the tape up, but holy shmoly. The wood has a rough texture to begin with, and yet the line was smoother than we expected. Crisp, even.

Once the paint had dried, we applied 2 coats of Polycrylic to seal everything in and protect it from doggie water dribbles and food spills.

We allowed everything to dry and bond overnight, and by Monday morning, it was ready for its first run!

We had originally planned to trim the edge hot pink (you know we love that), but when nothing was hot enough for us in the paint aisle, we switched to the brightest yellow we could find. The bonus? The Pittsburgh pride in us loves any excuse to sing Black and Yellow.

But! There’s a bonus for you, too!

THE GIVEAWAY. As part of the Blog Hop team, we’re giving one lucky reader a $75 Home Depot gift card! The details:

  • TO ENTER: Simply leave a link to your favorite summer DIY or painting project in the comments below (can be a link to your own blog, another website or Pinterest) for your chance to win the $75 Home Depot gift card.
  • GIVEAWAY ENDS: Monday, August 12th, at 5pm CST
  • SHIPS TO: USA only, please.

And if you’re still searching for that summertime (or painting or pet-loving) inspiration, we encourage you to check out the following projects from fellow Ready, Set, Paint Blog Hop teammates:

painter's tape, scotchblue painter's tape, tapepainter's tape, scotchblue painter's tape, tape

The lucky dog winner will be selected using on Monday, August 12th at 5PM CST. Good luck and happy entering!

This post was brought to you in partnership with The Home Depot and ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape. Opinions, cute dog and Steel City love are all ours.

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  1. I love making things for my little girl. I’d love to make a sandbox.

  2. This DIY painted peacock chair is beautiful!–

  3. Love that! My favorite summer DIY project was when Daniel made an adirondack chair out of an old pallet, but before this summer is through, I’d like to make a headboard for our bed and a $75 HD giftcard would be verrrrry helpful in making that happen! :)

  4. This is staining, but I’m in love with the darker stain on our front porch that I did a couple weeks ago. It’s so much better than orange!

  5. I was silly to not have taken a before photo, but I bought these matching side tables off craigslist that were solid wood, and unfinished! It was a total steal, so I bought them, brought them home and I am in the process of finishing them off. I am painting the bottom white, and staining the top and drawer fronts a beautiful dark walnut!

    Here’s an in-progress!

  6. We’re rebuilding the front steps to our little cape cod. Previously, we had this ugly, poured/molded concrete steps, but are replacing them with steps like this:

    We’re using composite materials for the risers and exotic wood for the treads so they last for a good long while!

  7. I’d have to say my favorite painting project so far this summer was when we de-wallpapered and repainted our entryway and stairs:

    It made such a difference (the original walls were mustard yellow with a blue-flowered wallpaper border), and since there was a lot of cutting-in around windows and doorways, we definitely taped those off. The new paint color is a pale warm gray and it makes the space so much brighter and cleaner looking.

    Now I’m thinking about making this pet food station for our cat! It looks fun.

  8. Yours and Daniel’s posts lately have been my favorites, since you’re both tackling an old house like me (though mine is a baby compared to yours). So I’m gonna link to Daniel’s painted kitchen, because he is working miracles in there:

    I love this pet bowl you made too! I need something like that to keep my dogs (and husband) from kicking over the water bowl onto the laminate.

  9. love this! been looking for a raised dog food station for our little mutt but none of the standard heights out there are what we want and the adjustable ones are unattractive. this is perfect, thanks (=

  10. I repainted the edges of my coffee table a bright tangerine orange. I love the unexpected color :)

  11. I am in the middle of painting most of the rooms in my 1950’s home right now…so any inspiration I find online is a help! $75 to Home Depot would be wonderful!!!

  12. My wife and I recently refinished a vanity we bought for her turquoise – it was a ton of fun!

  13. I like this project-

  14. This is the cutest food bowl! Love the bright color.

    My end of summer project is going to be along the vein of Thistlewood Farm’s sofa table but to be used as a console table in our entryway. We just bought an old 1910 Colonial house with a lot of charm and instead of using a sofa table that I can buy (also because none really speak to me) I decided I wanted to make one that had just as much character as my house.

    I love the idea of taking table legs and another piece of wood to craft a table. I am thinking a twin sized footboard and some legs might do the trick! A gift card from Home Depot would surely make the project go that much smoother :)

  15. I want a Mini Kreg Jig!! I painted and spruced up my small washer/dryer closet! I made it fun and added polka dots in metallic silver paint…it looks WAY better! Hope to win thank you!

  16. I’ve discovered Aura paint (Benjamin Moore) which is my dream paint. Painted my dining room, doing the accents (trim, inset) this weekend. Hallway is next!

  17. With all the sun Seattle is getting…I needed to brighten up my room with some colorful prints. I was browsing blogs and came across these free printable art! I love them. Now, I need to run to ikea and pick up some frames so I can put this babies around the house. (

    p.s. I have been scouting for dog bowl ideas and I have always been fond of the bowls being off the ground, but I can never find one in the store that matches my style. I might have to reconstruct this for my two pups because I love the way it looks! Thank you for the tutorial.

  18. As a dog rescurer we have several older smal dogs that crave sunbathing. We are in the process of constructing them an outdoor “sofa” found on Pinterest using concrete blocks and smooth concrete block tops. I purchased some clearance patio chair pads to cover it. .Just trying to find time to finish up. Would so love to win a Home Depot gift card. fingers ( and paws) crossed.

  19. I love gardening, so this year I planted out on my balcony – found a bunch of ideas on pinterest how to use the small space better next year by building racks

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