Feeling Small. And Kinda Cool.

Okay, we may be a little overkill with our Apartment Therapy love recently. But we gotta give those good folks kudos. After all, they did approve our entry for their annual Small, Cool contest. (Find us in the “little” division here).

And while we were slightly hesitant to enter our easy, breezy ooh la la abode (their words, albeit taken from ours), we decided what the heck. Miss Amie of Abbey Cat Chat gave us that little nudge we needed (thanks, lady!). After all, we are pretty small. Cool? Mmm, maybe in Jack’s eyes.

If you’re feelin’ the love, we’d be tickled pink to get your thumbs up approval right here. And don’t you know we’d be oh-so eternally grateful. (I’m a hugger, too, so it’s probably best we have this big, wide web in between us. You know, for your sake). The kicker? Voting is only active for a small, cool 48 hours. So. Are those thumbs ready?

7 replies on “Feeling Small. And Kinda Cool.”

    1. Danielle, I just gasped at your comment! How dare you! :) But thanks for voting!

      And to Susan: I’ve been itching to get back to Jubilee ever since we left! I keep an eye on your donations every week, and if I only had the room, there would have been many more purchases from this team. However, we are on the hunt for a very small bar height table…

      And Tina, I love a girl that loves hugs!

  1. I voted! You can mail my hug via usps. Make sure it’s padded with bubble wrap, so we can have fun AND comfort. :)

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