Our little virtual home turns four today!

To be honest, we can never quite remember the actual day – it’s not like we have our very first blog entry marked on the calendar (although, it’d be funny if we did!) – but every June, we remember to do a quick search, find that first entry, and celebrate with a little… something. (After all, the blog did birth our shops – all thanks to a very enthusiastic, very loved readership!) Last year we shared a slice of pie, and this year, we filled our bellies with biscuits. And gravy. (Which, as it turns out, makes for a not-so-pretty photo, and the four cats have graciously subbed in.)

The timing of our blog birthday couldn’t be more perfect; aside from being on Friday (the best day, we think), it falls right in line with our new home adventure. It’s really amazing to think of our yearly, traditional travels as the starting point to our question: Where will we end up?

And in the end, it was here all along! Chicago, we love you. Here is our home.

This year, we’d like to do something a little different and have our very first, very official Reader Survey! In 15 quick questions, we want to know – who are you? (You know, really.) What do you like/dislike and everything in-between when it comes to this virtual home of ours? Your feedback would really mean the world to us; as we grow, we want to improve. Our survey ends with a good ol’ open forum; ask us anything. We’ll round up a reader Q&A and share in the coming days. Just click below to get started!

If you take nothing else from our over-rambled birthday speech, hear this: thank you. For stopping by, leaving your advice, suggestions and inspiration, and for being our cheerleaders. It may seem we say that a lot for every Shop milestone, birthday and anniversary (in our minds, not enough), but we mean it more than you will ever, ever know.

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  1. Four years is quite an accomplishment. Congratulations! I know that blogging can be a tiring and sometimes thankless job/activity, but you really have created something beautiful here. Thank you.

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