Giveaway: Baba Souk

This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Congrats to Eileen Marie, and thanks to all who participated!

Baba Souk is a shop full of curiosities – from the finishing touches for your home to polishing off the day’s outfit to gold dipped pencils for your workday – the girls behind the name want you to feel inspired. Like a stroll through your favorite market, their wares grab your attention, pulling you every which way and leaving you happy, with more in your hands than when you came. Except their hand-crafted, indie designs show up at your front door – gift-wrapped, just for you!

Truth be told, I’m slightly obsessed with their mission towards creative freedom, happiness and their overall dream-catching attitude. Baba Souk is passionate, they love what they do, and you can feel their positive energy through your bright, blinking monitors. Their products are more than just things to hold; they wish to capture you, to stir-up your imagination.

And because I was so smitten with my newest loophole, Baba Souk wanted to share that crazy-happy face (the creepy one I get when I add a pillow to the house, you know, the usual) with you, too!

  • Up for grabs: $50 credit towards anything at Baba Souk // 1 winner
  • To enter: Sign up for the Baba Souk newsletter at the bottom of this page, then leave a comment on this post and let us know, what inspires you?
  • For additional entries: Share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter, then come back and leave a comment letting us know. (One additional comment for each method – up to 2 extra entries!)
  • Giveaway ends: Tuesday, May 7th, at 5pm CST
  • Shipping restrictions: USA and Canada only, please.
  • And just because: YBH readers get 15% off all orders through Monday, May 6th using the code BABAYBH!

The lucky dog winner will be selected using and announced on Wednesday, May 8th. Good luck and happy entering!

43 replies on “Giveaway: Baba Souk”

  1. Signed up! I’ve been scouring the blog-o-sphere for inspiration as I’m updating the house! There are so many amazing people and blogs out there…it’s not hard to find!

  2. Subscribed to the Baba Souk newsletter and I love their Round Basket with Tangine Top! Thank you.

  3. I subscribed.Creative people like you inspire me to be creative as well :) If only I had more time in a day… ;)

  4. Looove everything! You guys are such an happy inspiration! :D <3

  5. Subscribed :) I love how funky and eclectic everything in the shop is, perfect inspiration for my next big design project.

  6. signed up! i’m always inspired by photobooks – something about being able to flip through the pages, the juxtaposition of images across pages…

  7. I just subscribed to their newsletter, and boy, am I inspired by their great pillows. You weren’t lying; their stuff is gorgeous!

  8. Creative people and fantastic portfolios inspire me :-)
    I signed up for their newsletter – can’t wait!

  9. I’m inspired by all the great blogs (like this one) I spend way too much time browsing online!

  10. I signed up! I am so excited, I hope I win, there’s tons of items that I’d choose from.

  11. lovely! People like Stephanie (the owner of Baba Souk) really inspire me! She and so many others work so hard to promote artists (like myself) and their work. I’m so thankful for little shop owners who care about quality, unique, handmade goods, so they definitely inspire me!

  12. Totally inspired by the pops of bright color against natural textures

  13. Signed up! And should probably stop looking at the site because I want it all!

  14. The views around my recently adopted hometown of Seattle, WA inspire me. Mountains, trees, water, so much green everywhere. I’ve found myself decorating in mostly blues, greens and yellows because of my inspirational city!

  15. I am super inspired by music when decorating–which is funny for someone that can’t sing or play an instrument very well. But when I hear certain songs, I just know–THAT’s how I want this room to feel.

  16. All signed up! What inspires me is bringing nature indoors and home improvement blogs such as yours, YHL, & others!

  17. I’m definitely inspired by nature, especially now that it’s finally Spring!

  18. Signed up for the newsletter! New to both you and them, but loving both!

  19. I signed up. Such fun things…a little bit of color or metallic to help with spring.

  20. Signed up…traveling inspires me! I love to buy something for my house to remind me of all the great places we’ve been.

  21. I signed up!

    I’m always inspired after going to an art museum or just browsing original artwork on Pintrest/Etsy.

  22. What a great website- so inspiring. I love one of a kind pieces and unique handmade decorations. I believe it those small things that make a house into a home!

  23. Signed up! Love, love, love their stuff. What a beautiful collection!

    I would say that travel inspires me — I love bringing home treasures from different parts of the world and decorating my house with them. It ends up feeling very much like “me”, you know?


  24. I signed up for the newsletter. I am inspired by creative people.

  25. I subscribed!

    It’s probably easier to answer the reverse of that question as I try to (and usually do!) find inspiration pretty much everywhere! It’s the little things that can bring some of the biggest joys!

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