Going Round

There is no such thing as an innocent Craigslist search. As you may have heard us mention, we have some plans up our sleeves for the living room revolving around a built in media center – one that we plan to make. Endlessly frustrated by lack of storage and not impressed by ready made units, we’ve been doodling our ideas, erasing and re-sketching constantly.

Remember this: our living room is small. And that media wall is barely longer than my 5-foot frame.

So with a change as big as a wall-unit-slash-built-in, I beg to reason: other minor changes are necessary, right? But my purse strings are tight and in case you haven’t noticed, we do things el cheapo around here. And then I accidentally found this (with the help of Craig):

A-ha! A new media wall would look awfully nice against a slim, round table. Those tapered legs! That vintage throwback! Round means more space (just look at all that carpet!), and I’ve always argued that round table tops lend to better conversation. No, it may not be dining conversation, but we’ll play the heck out of Phase 10 on it.

Until we start chopping wood for that, um, wall, this’ll go in storage. But goodness knows we’re losing sleep over another DIY project, so fingers crossed it won’t be too long.

13 replies on “Going Round”

  1. That is an excellent find.

    I still pretend my craigslist searches are innocent…I’m doing “research” on “how much things are going for”. Pfffft.

  2. Does that tabletop flip over to reveal a smooth shiny black surface? If so, I think it’s our coffee table’s twin (ours flips to a plain wood top like yours)! With Leo though, we switched the table out for a cozy ottoman. But there’s no way we’d get rid of it; it’s in the other room for now.

    1. Cait – it may not be right away, but we’re anxious to get started!

      And Sara, I’ve browsed Ana White. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Have you checked out ana-white.com? My bf and I are currently building a media unit based on her classic storage plans. You can easily modify her plans and customize them to fit your needs as long as you can handle some simple math.

  4. It might be too big for a coffee table. I think that table would be more useful as a center table, and it would look nice and clean too!

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