Add one more to that Stunted List – our hall of mirrors. Oh, boy. Our collection of gilded gold grows (whoa, say that three times fast!), and there’s no where for them to go – well, unless you count hallway-stacking as a “place.” You know, for them to “go.”

Alternate title: Ghost Jack

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  1. Where do you find all of these lovely gilded frames and mirrors? I’ve been on the lookout… but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg. Help!

  2. Jillian, the black and gold one was picked up in a thrift shop in Pittsburgh, and the really hunky gold one was found on Craigslist (our friend Jess actually saw it, then sent us a text to snatch it up, pronto!).

    A lot of times we can find mirrors like this for a steal at flea markets in smaller cities – but not in Chicago. Many times in Chicago, people know what they’re worth, and the cost is inflated. We have had luck when we travel to visit family in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, mostly!

    Also, there are knock-off frames (usually made with cheap plastic or light wood) that can be painted gold for the same effect. No one will know but you!

  3. I have a mirror “problem” too. And they are stacked in the dining room waiting for homes. Unfortunately, I learned the other day that one of them got cracked in the everlasting waiting. *sigh* I guess that is a lesson. Nonetheless, the incident has motivated me to get the others hung ASAP!

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