8 replies on “Hoppy Halloween”

  1. hahah she looks psyched about her costume (I love her little bunny tail haha).
    Is Jack dressing up this year? Or does Libby get to have all the fun solo ;-)

    1. Rachel, we’ve tormented Jack throughout the years (and pretty much every day), so we thought we’d let him take some time off. (Maddie will have to be next!)

  2. This made me laugh. Love the annoyed look on cats! You should see my gray Manx’s belly. She is 18 and her tummy almost drags on the floor. That side view would look a little different for her.
    Love your little annoyed bunny!

  3. Julia, I bet it’s adorable! And 18?! That’s amazing. Both our cats are 10, so we think they’ve earned their midsection :)

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