Behind the Scenes with Interior Define (+ a Giveaway!)


This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Congratulations to Emily Layne, and thank you to everyone who entered!

Lately, we’d been hearing a buzz around the customizable sofa retailer Interior Define, so we were definitely intrigued (and super excited) when they sent us a personal invite to their newest home base and Guideshop here in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago! We were welcomed to their storefront by ID founder Rob Royer and were given the freedom to ask twenty (or in our case, more like forty) questions, test the sofas, feel the fabrics and ogle over brassy legs.

Right away, their message was clear; they want to provide you with modern, timeless designs that easily fit into any decor and at a price point that most retailers wish they could match. Upon entering the store, you’re greeted by their most popular styles, and easy to follow instructions on creating your perfect sofa are displayed right on the wall. Operating as an online shop as well, each piece is made to order to your specifications, and we were shocked to learn that they can cater to your exact needs – down to the inch!


Even with your specific needs in size, fabric and choice of leg, we learned that your design decisions don’t exponentially increase the overall cost of your sofa. Rather, Interior Define works closely with their manufacturers to cut the middle man and offer you what you need within an affordable budget. At the same time and because we don’t all live in Chicago, it’s not taken lightly that a couch is still an investment, and so they firmly stand by a 365 day return policy. I asked Rob if they’ve had any returns in the 1-year-plus that they’ve been in business, and it was refreshing to hear him admit they have had only a very small return percentage. When I asked why, he again let it be known that if the customer isn’t 100% happy, they’ll gladly take it back, no questions asked. (That said, they’ve had countless ecstatic customers, which comes as no surprise.)


While Scott and I hopped from seat to seat, we talked about which styles were our favorites and how we’d customize the size, color and legs. We were torn between Owens and Rose, which couldn’t possibly be more different, and it was during this time that I suddenly realized how much I needed a chaise in my life.


We couldn’t help but notice the dissected sofa cross section, showing that every chair and sofa is built to last – coils, elastic webbing and down fill are all a standard, not an upgrade.


Fabric is draped along most walls in the showroom, ranging in more traditional shades such as gravel, pewter, putty and the like, but for the color lovers, we noticed bright reds, deep blues and yellows. If you’re purchasing online, samples are sent right to your door, but it really felt like a treat to hold a blanket-sized swatch and feel the weight of the upholstery in our hands.


And the legs! Well, you might have seen that we were all heart-eyes over that leg wall. (That’s a thing, right?) Could you even handle a graphite couch with those tapered brass legs? #ournextcouch


Interior Define is an intimate team of only a dozen brainstormers and idea makers, and Rob invited us upstairs to see where they hangout and hold fabric swatches all day. Okay, they clearly do much more than that (in fact, every order receives a personal point of contact from order to delivery!), but that’s my own dreamy interpretation of their job. (Where do I apply?)


We tricked Rob into a photo before we said our goodbyes, thanking him many times over for the tour. We left feeling inspired by the creativity and excitement that he emulated, as it’s clearly a passion project that he’s doing very, very well.


And if you’re in the Chicago area, Interior Define is celebrating their newest storefront with an Open House this weekend, October 10th and 11th! There’ll be treats from local coffee brewers and chocolatiers, but of course the highlight will be finding your next sofa. You can find all the details of their celebration, including location and event schedule, right here.


But! The best part of our shop tour is being able to spread the love to you, too, and so together with Interior Define, we’ll be giving away a $500 online credit to shop for your favorite sofa!

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The giveaway is open to US readers only, and the $500 credit must be used in a single transaction toward their purchase before 12/31/15. The entrant must register their email address and the giveaway ends on Thursday, October 15th at 5pm CST. The winner will be announced within this post and contacted directly. Good luck and happy entering!

This post is in partnership with Interior Define. They are truly an amazing team and their spirit really shines through in their service. As always, thank you for supporting those that support us!

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  1. A couple of those Alice Swivels would look fine in my mini living room!

  2. The Rose calls to me, especially if they could do a velvet fabric. Swoon!

  3. I like A LOT of their stuff, but I’m digging on the Sloan with a chaise the most right now.

    1. We have good luck with velvet (it’s weirdly self-healing against kitty claws) or outdoor fabrics. I know ID is looking into more of these options, but I would suggest getting some of their free samples and doing our scratch test: take a push pin and rake it over the fabric to see if it snags! Our cats don’t shred furniture, but they do stretch and lounge and tend to get their claws stuck from time to time. The scratch test has helped us to find the right upholstery for us.

  4. I adore Rose and have had my eye on her for some time as I’ve also heard the buzz about Interior Define. I just bought my first home (squeee!) in August and with a long list of projects and fixes, new furniture is not going to be happening for several years, but that pretty lady has my heart both in her Cinder and Vista Blue versions. Drool worthy.

  5. This is the perfect sponsored post! You did an awesome job of capturing the passion behind the Interior Define brand and now I’m totally excited about it too – seriously, way to go! I love all your gorgeous photographs!

  6. I love the Henry!! Or the Sloan… Oh, there’s quite a bit here that I like.

  7. I just tried to find out where the products for Interior Define are manufactured and could not. I assume that means they are made overseas and shipped here? Can you address that? Is that really more cost effective? And if so, is it not environmentally or human rights worrying?

    1. Hi mgn, yes, the products are made internationally, and Rob makes several trips a year to ensure quality working environments. I’ve forwarded your comment to the ID team and asked them to chime in soon!

    2. Hi mgn, Rob from Interior Define here. Thank you for your inquiry. Our pieces are all hand-made with a carefully selected manufacturing partner just outside of Hong Kong, in China. We spent 1.5 years seeking out the best partner we could find, who was able to help us achieve both our customization goals and meet our high quality standards. We visit our factory frequently, and we know they treat their craftsmen (who we know) very well, and also work with high quality material inputs. Our ability to make each piece to order is what helps us manage our costs down, and enables us to sell at compelling prices. If you are in Chicago, we would love to walk you through our materials, including one of our partially-upholstered sofas, so that you can view the interior frame and materials. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach us at or 872-802-4119. Best

      1. Was it prohibitively expensive to keep the manufacturing in the US? I’m genuinely curious, not trying to troll you!

  8. Oh, this is a great concept! I’m loving the Walters Sectional… That would look great our home!

  9. I love the Sloan with the chaise, but that wouldn’t fit in our space , bummer! The Lucy is gorgeous though, so I’d grab that. Or a Sloan chair. Or the Harper. So many good options!

  10. This is a gorgeous Harper-

  11. This is such a great company – thanks for sharing them with us! My favorite is the Ainsley.

  12. Oh man I would LOVE to win this – my fella has been renovating a house for over a year now, and it would be so great to get him a nice sofa to put in there after all his time & effort. I’d personally pick the Sloan with a chaise (lounge-ability FTW) but I think he’s anti-chaise so it’d probably be this one:

    Fingers crossed!

  13. I would love to have the Sloan in our house! We bought it last year and are slowly fixing it up. Our current couch is really a loveseat that is falling apart. It would be great to have a great quality piece of furniture!

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