Is it Art?

Hi, how are you? Did you catch our recent post on the Randolph Street Market? Remember when Kim said we’d found a few interesting items that needed dusting? What do you think of the vintage letterpress question mark that I found? See how easy it was to drill some tiny pilot holes and tack nail a picture hanger onto the back? Sick of all of the questions yet? Okay, I’ll stop. Sorry. I couldn’t help myself (and Kim is pulling her hair out by now, surely).


While it’s not exactly “art” per se, we really like how well this curious little guy fit onto our (slightly rearranged) small art wall. And hey, it fit the whole small criteria pretty well, thank you.


You can see that we’ve made quite a few additions to the wall over time, too. Take a peek at how things looked a couple of years ago right here – you know, just in case your memory is as bad as mine. (And peruse how we grew that pint-sized gallery here, here, here, and here.)


Has anyone else put old, inky letter press blocks to a use other than intended? And if you’re using them for real (all old school), well, we want to see that, too! We’re totally smitten with how this guy filled a miniscule space, and more inspiration is never a bad thing.

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  1. I have used ink letter press letters, and old sign letters! :) We did a whole miss matched ABC wall for the kids, kind of our vintage, cool take on helping them learn their ABCs! Very cool guys!

  2. Cute! Love how you’ve mixed styles in your mini-wall gallery and effectively hidden the light switch and panel. Nifty :)

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