Sometimes, life can hit you from all angles – hard.

This is one of those times for us. Some things are good (a busy, busy time for the Shop, holiday fuzzies and warm nights with friends), whereas some we’d much rather kick to the curb and squish. But when it all comes raining in at the same time – the really good mixed with those jerks, the bad and sad – the going gets tough.

The great thing about penning your own blog is that you can curate it as you like. And for us, we like to keep this is a positive place – we like to give, share and receive inspiration; we wish to keep this virtual home cheerful. However, the last handful of weeks have been challenging for us on a personal level, but the good news is that our own little family is healthy. The girls spend their days napping, Jack is my constant companion in the studio, and we spend our evenings within these four walls together. What’s better than that?

Our recent roadblocks have inadvertently put our home-y to-dos on hold – just for a bit. We’ve still got lists (oh, boy, do we!), and we’re so looking forward to all the joys this time of year brings. With that said, we still have a few smaller projects we’re looking forward to sharing (as soon as we edit photos!), but we also need a short moment to take a family time-out. To break.

In the meantime, we‘ll still be here, but we have other fun items lined up – a Pet Shop promo (tomorrow – stay tuned!), a fun giveaway in time for Cyber Monday and an updated tour on Apartment Therapy!

Phew. And if you’ve taken a moment to read our little brain purge, thank you. We’re not going far, and certainly not for long. You know we’ll be itching to share a few of our tweak-y changes (very) soon.

9 replies on “Lately, from All Angles”

  1. Hi Kim and Scott!

    As much as I appreciate you keeping your site positive and cheery – please know this reader is open to reading hard stuff you two might be going through too.

    That said, certainly understand that you might not want to share some stuff with the world.

    So, all I’m saying – in a confusing and round about way – is I’m with you no matter what!

    Take care!

  2. Friend, I’m sorry. But, at the same time I am excited for all the good that is going on with you, too! A couple weeks ago, we had similar hard-things-hitting-us problems and I realized I needed a breath and a break. You’re in my thoughts and I am keeping my eyes open for your new AT tour! EEEeeee!!!!

  3. Sounds like you’re going through a rough patch. I think it’s totally normal to want to keep negativity off your blog. You’ve created a happy space here :) I hope your break is restful! I’ll be here eagerly awaiting your updates when you come back.

  4. Kim and Scott – being away from your families is hard right now but time will help and you know we’re all in this together. Sending hugs, mom and dad

  5. your console table is adorable! what is the name of the paint color? I love it!

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