True story: After adopting Jack over 5 years ago, Scott surprised me with a super sweet, super cute Mother’s Day card; you know, for being the mother of our three (now four!) fuzzy kids and all. Is that bizarre? A little. Does it put us in the crazy-pet-people category? You bet! But I absolutely loved it.

If you’re still on the hunt for the World’s Greatest Gift for your mom, aunt, sister or grandma (I mean, let’s face it – there are a lot of great women out there), may we suggest a gift certificate of a custom pet painting? Or maybe a deserving co-parent of your already-painted-pet would like a fancy, shmancy pet print? Or, maybe, you’ve been wishing for a portrait to call your own? Treat yourself.

Today through Thursday use promo code LOVEMOM15 for 15% off anything in The Pet Shop!*

*Mother’s Day promotion ends this Thursday, May 1st, at midnight CST. Not eligible on previously purchased orders. Happy shopping!

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  1. Love that you love your four fuzzy kids, so do we. There’s never enough (or too much) pictures of them here, trust me :-)

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