Love Letters

I’m a pretty sentimental gal, and I’m not one to toss a note, card, or written well-wish to the wayside.  For years, I’ve stashed my notes in a big under-the-bed bin that contains everything from newspaper clippings to juicy high school notes to movie stubs and mixed tapes.  When we moved to our current home, the real estate under the bed became a bit more precious (hey, every bit of space counts), and we had to move my gigantic tub down to the storage unit in our spooky basement.

So what to do with all the bits of love that came flowing our way since then? Until recently, Scott and I tucked our precious letters and notes in our junk drawer, which makes me cringe for two reasons: For one, I can’t stand that we have a junk drawer.  Do we really need that junk, after all? And two, why are our memories and letters being stashed with the junk? Shouldn’t they be out in sight, always in mind? I grabbed an unused vase, and it quickly became our inspirational pick-me-up catch all for all things love.


We keep our little stash out on the entry way table for those day-to-day good vibes and an all around cheery atmosphere.  Just catching a glimpse of our friends and family handwritten papers is enough to make us smile, and the warm fuzzy feeling just can’t be helped.  Gotta love a letter that takes a little more time than firing up that internet browser.

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  1. It is so funny you say that. Last night, in our attic, my hubby found a box from the old owners and in a heart shaped box was love letters from a guy to the daughter of the house I bought. It was cute.

    1. Kelly, you’re absolutely right! Good eye! Your dad sent that to me for winning the Windy City AI division – along with a trophy and an Adam Lambert CD! So funny, and I loved it. I saw the photos from the “Award Ceremony” on Facebook – wish we could have been there!

  2. all of my love letters are overflowing out of a claw foot tub in my guesthouse. i go out there on my days of nostalgia to smoke and revel in lovers lost.

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