Oh, Sweet Friday

Do you ever wonder how happy and relaxing your life would be as a house pet? Maybe the thought crosses my mind too often, you know, between the Pet Shop and our own three kiddos.

Oh, to be fed on a regular schedule, soak in every belly rub, nap in the sun, and take car rides to the park with your best pals! But then I remember that as, um, people, well, we get to ride bikes and travel and swim in the ocean and eat lasagna, cupcakes, and chocolate! Jack certainly has a leg up on his kitty sisters, but the no chocolate thing must be a bummer.

Yes, deep thoughts on a Friday (hah). Have a very happy one and a weekend full of fun – full of the things your four-legged ones only dream of. While napping all day.

8 replies on “Oh, Sweet Friday”

  1. Ha! I love this. you always take such great kiddo pictures! You need to come photography mine! I love the motion and how comfy/fluffy she looks in the first picture.

  2. Tosha, her lazy, cool attitude in that first photo is what spawned the impromptu photo shoot! She’s always good for a laugh.

  3. Love the photos as always (and we have that same exact bird pillow!). It always seems like the ideal life, though our Miss M does a great job of making it seem miserable and like we aren’t doing enough for her.

  4. the traveling and swimming in the ocean part? are we counting the minutes yet?

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