Oh, Sweet Friday

Happy Friday, all! I’m excited to report that the end of this week finds me with a shiny new toy. Long gone are the days when Transformers and G.I. Joes were my trinkets of choice. These days, slick, new tools are what have me ogling the hardware store shelves, and Home Depot has become my Toys ‘R’ Us.

My trusty Black and Decker 18volt drill has lived a long and trusty life, but 12 years of constant recharging has finally taken it’s toll and left the ‘ol guy weak and lifeless. Enter the Milwaukee 12v Lithium Ion driver. Technology has come a long way, and this tough cookie is not only smaller (a perfect fit for my lady’s tiny hands and those awkward-to-reach angles), but the drill is actually more powerful than it’s predecessor. So imagine my excitement when Amazon saved the day and posted this bad boy up for $150 off of the retail price! I literally chased the UPS man down the street the day it shipped.

But enough about tools. As the unofficial end of summer boasts it’s last hurrah, we’ll be dining in Cincinnati, chowing on our favorite chili treat. Mmm, we heart you, Skyline. But we wonder what plans you have under your belt? Perhaps a big, fat barbecue (or have charred meats run their course for you)? Or does the extra weekend day give you that needed time to tie up those loose projects? So, which is it? Spill the (baked) beans. Har-har.

9 replies on “Oh, Sweet Friday”

    1. Danielle, I hope your trip was great and that we get to hear about it! And thank you, we’re already feeling quite relaxed.

  1. “Home Depot has become my Toys ‘R’ Us”

    I feel the *same* way. Pure poetry Scotty.

  2. Ha! My husband was going through ad circulars just yesterday, and randomly looked up and said, “I do NOT need a cordless drill. I do not need a cordless drill.” He said it in the same tone I say, “I do NOT need a gelato.”

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