Oh, Sweet Friday

Thank jeebs, it’s Friday again. Eee! There’s just something about 5 o’clock on this day that makes you feel so dang free. For that one minute, you’ve got nothing but time ahead of you, and hopefully a good one, too.

While not exactly Friday related (but we’ll get there), I found this older photo of the kids when searching for some inspirational art of our own. Apologies for pet overload, but goodness we love those guys, and this just seemed to sum up the perfect idea of a fabulously roly poly weekend. Not to mention, this is the only photo where all 3 of our noodles were caught together in one frame. Barely.

Happy Friday, and a merry weekend, all! Any exciting plans on the agenda?

3 replies on “Oh, Sweet Friday”

  1. Cats are wierd. They’re cute but strange. I feel that dogs are the ultimate pets. I’d choose dogs over cats. Love the picture though. =)

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