Oh, Sweet Friday (and Chicken Foot!)

Have you ever played Chicken Foot (a.k.a. Mexican Train, Chickie dominoes, etc.)? After a few pals visited a month ago and introduced the amazing-ness that is Chicken Foot, we’ve been totally hooked. Like, every friendly gathering starts with who has the dominoes?

Of course, Jack loves any excuse to have all his favorite people around our table, laughing (or should I say, clucking? Har-har!), clinking drinks and (hopefully) dropping nibbles – generally losing all track of time.

There are so many simple, creature comforts we enjoy – such as dinners on the patio. Blankets and over-sized pajamas. Icy drinks, fresh laundry, a neighborhood stroll to the Dairy Whip. But some of the most comforting of all comforts are good friends, silly games, and weekends. Yes, just knowing your day starts with S is, somehow, comforting.

We hope you have a happy, happy weekend, and find the (absolutely necessary!) time to squeeze in your own comforts. Push the work day worries aside, and if all else fails, remember this. Because even sometimes we forget. But! It is a sweet, sweet Friday, after all.

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  1. We are absolutely addicted! We’ve been playing for a few years and my husband and I get competitive.

  2. That’s it! I’m stitching myself one of the f-the dumb shit’s because by golly I seem to forget it every damn day. haha.

  3. you know, my parents recently became obsessed with this, but we have been dragging our feet about playing, thinking it would be dumb. but you have me thinking again! we’re going to take them up on their offer next time.
    also: i LOVE jack’s collar. where did he get it?

  4. Aleksandra, we were doubtful of the power of Chicken Foot at first too. Give it a shot. You won’t be disappointed! We’ve all bought $10 boxes of Dominos from Target. They come with a carrying tin and 4 little plastic trains. Can’t go wrong!

    As far as Jackson McDogg’s collar, we ordered it custom from
    http://www.collarmania.com/ Shipping was quick and he gets compliments on it all the time!

  5. Aleks, to add to Scott:

    We got a green leather for Jack (as you can obviously see), but the green was just a veneer, and it’s cracked off completely – on the back of his neck where you can’t see. Their collars are GREAT, but for a big dog like Jack, something in a natural leather probably would have been better.

    For small dogs and thin collars, I doubt it would have been an issue.

    It’s a great, sturdy collar though! The only one tough enough that we’ve found for Jack.

  6. i think our dogs would be fast friends. i love your dog’s face – so precious. is it a pitmix? we have a pit/beagle mix – so in love. :-)

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