Oh, T-Rexy

The studio shelving construction has been done for well over a week, although it’s been officially on the wall for the better part of a month. We haven’t showed you the ins and the outs yet (although you can get a good idea right here; we’ll share the rundown soon!), and this is mostly due to my type-A nature that includes shelf fussing, tweaking and rearranging (over and over again). I’ve mentioned before how difficult it is for me to curate a shelf arrangement, and the studio storage – the majority of it being on display, no less – has proven to be quite the challenge.

We have, however, made good progress. A week ago, Scott took me on a lovely date to Hobby Lobby (what a guy!), where we picked up glass vases and vessels to coincide with our candle jars and cigar boxes. Somewhere along the way, we separated, I lost focus of the task at hand, and somehow we came home with T-Rexy (along with vases and vessels, so all was not lost):

I had no intention of slipping him in the cart, but as soon as I saw him, I was reminded of this Etsy shop and this spunky planter I pinned almost a year ago. In other words, fate. After setting him on my half-styled shelves, I shared this photo on FB and suggested spraying him down in hot, hot pink. You agreed.

My Rexy had a moving mouth (because after all, his intention was not to sit on the shelf of a painting studio; he’ll always wish for a real boy, no doubt), so to remedy this and prep him for paint, I spread a thin line of super glue along his jaw.

I realized too late that we ran out of primer, but rather than delay the project, I used on-hand white spray paint before the pink. I crossed my fingers, and it worked.

T-Rexy was near impossible to photograph after his makeover, as his vibrancy was more than the camera could handle. Don’t let these snaps fool you; he is brighter than the sun, and luckily, no detail was lost during the transition to glam-o-saur. (In other words, Scott called him *expletive* magical.)

If there was ever a doubt to go the fluorescent route, it was eliminated after the first coat of pink. In total, T-Rexy got four thin coats of paint – one white, three neon. And not so coincidentally, sexy T-Rexy is an appropriate homage to one of my favorite movies:

What are you spraying lately? And just for fun, SHOPLIFTER! (I’ll always love you, Ethan.)

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26 replies on “Oh, T-Rexy”

  1. Love LOVE love a post that references Rex Manning Day! (And your neon pink tribute is pretty sweet too!)

  2. I think am in LURVE!! Totally diggin’ the pink. I have a rooster that’s beggin’ for a mauve makeover…forever on the “to-do” list.

    Heartbeat at my Feet – a foster blog

  3. First off, T-Rex *is* magical.

    Secondly, I have never seen the full version of the Rex Manning video and now I need to go watch “Empire Records” for the first time in…at least 10 years. Thanks!

  4. Seriously, this is awesome! I was perusing the aisles at Michael’s to buy a kid’s toy to spray paint and lingered at the dinosaurs and then moved on. I’m glad he made it in your cart!

    PS – I have a T-Rex on my desk at work that I named Rex Manning.

  5. I’m a new reader of your blog and not only do I love your T Rex but Empire Manning is one of my favorite movies. Good stuff!

  6. Scott, you may have to share because Kim just stole my heart with the Empire Records references! To be fair, I’m going to steal this idea and go spray paint 2 dinosaurs, then name them Rexy and Corey.

    I kid you not, you do not fully comprehend my obsession with this movie. I painted a barstool with movie references from it. I have the poster. For my birthday, we drove 3 hours to visit the site where the movie was filmed. I’ve been there twice now. OBSESSED. Let me win the lottery and that building is mine!

    1. Tina, you are the best! Growing up, I named every inanimate object around me Ethan as an ode to my other lover! And every day, I somehow still seem to check the time at 1:37 exactly (Joe).

  7. Hi! This may be an extremely weird request, but I have been looking everywhere for the target pillow you posted about in a post a very long time ago called the bedroom blahs. It’s the target dwell studio pillow with yellow rosettes. I am willing to buy it from you. I know this is weird but it would match a room I am decorating perfectly! Name your price and I will give you the amount. I hope you can consider this and email me back. Thanks so much!

  8. Just found your blog. I would have to say I am hooked. Empire Records is a favorite. (I have a boy named LUCAS) The dino is excellent! I may need to spray paint one myself.

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