OPI On the Porch + a Giveaway!

Right after we planted Round Two of our baby garden, it started to rain – and rain and rain and rain. Our garden is going nuts (yeah!), but with the rain came cold weather, and so we find ourselves wishing and hoping that one day – someday soon! – we can enjoy our front porch for the season. Oh, Chicago, didn’t you know that it’s May?

Despite this turn of events, we moved forward with a mini makeover for the front porch – more of a sprucing up, really – in the off chance we might have one warm evening (we’re still waiting). Last summer we laid the groundwork, focusing on bright! and cheery!, but this year, we wanted to give it a more relaxed feel on a minimal budget:


The more subtle color palette was completely inspired by our friends at Ace Hardware and the recent release of their new OPI paint colors by Clark+Kensington. Last year, we were turned onto our favorite black, Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine, having painted our porch swing in the popular nail hue (and our end tables and kitchen island), and this year, the deep greens and muted shades of pink from The Creative Genius collection had my heart. Below, top to bottom: Barefoot in Barcelona (OPI), Jade is the New Black (OPI), Bubble Bath (OPI) and Swiss Coffee, all by Clark+Kensington.


We picked up a handful of Ikea pots, and I just free-handed the colors using a small foam brush along the bottom third of each. Each planter got three thin coats of paint using samples of Clark+Kensington paint in a satin enamel finish before I filled them up with succulents!


We bought a 7″ plank of aspen, cut it to a 2′ length and after a quick stain job, Scott attached handles we already had on hand (from this dresser, which is still waiting on its makeover!). While our little centerpiece is cute to look at, we know we’ll need to move it to the side when the drinks are flowing (the whole point of a front porch, right?), so this will make it easy to shift it to one side or the other.


In keeping with The Creative Genius color palette, I swapped out last year’s pillow cases for new, re-using all the pillow forms but choosing softer shades of pink, purple and green for the covers, all for around $5 at H&M. The banana leaf pillow was the only splurge (worth it), with the polka dot pillow being the lucky one that made the cut. That said, and with the exception of a new swing cushion and fern by our front door, all the larger items on our porch has remained the same!


Other sources: Lulu & Georgia rug (unavailable, similar here), flea market chairs, Strathwood Rhodes coffee table (unavailable, similar here), DIY porch swing, fern planter from IKEA.

To help with your front porch sprucing (or any-of-the-things sprucing!), together with our friends at Ace, we’ll be giving away a $100 Ace Hardware gift card to one lucky reader! Using the Rafflecopter widget below, enter as many ways as you’d like. Giveaway runs through Monday, May 18th until 5pm CST, and the winner will be announced within this post. Good luck and happy entering!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


We’re excited to be collaborating with Ace Hardware as a part of their Ace Blogger Panel! Ace has provided us with compensation and the materials necessary to complete this project (hey, thanks, Ace!), and all opinions are our own. See all the blogger projects on the Ace Pinterest page.


135 replies on “OPI On the Porch + a Giveaway!”

  1. Your porch looks so beautiful! I’m always so envious of houses that have great porches — or any porch, really, since our house doesn’t have one!

  2. I love the colors! I just recently bought a new place that needs completely repainted (the owners looooved sage green) and our small town luckily has an ace hardware!

  3. Ahhh so excited! Love the OPI colors! We have a home at is over 130 years old with a screened in porch. We can’t wait to spruce it up a bit!

  4. On my mind today…dealing with the gardening and changes I need to make to conserve more water.

  5. The OPI colors are great. Part of the fun of treating myself to a mani or pedi is picking out a polish color usually just cause I like the name! Love your porch. Looks so cozy for a cocktail on a warm summer evening!

  6. We just moved 5 minutes away from an Ace Hardware Store and I’d love to try it!

  7. It’s still chilly here in MN too! Can’t wait to do more outside…could use some updates.

  8. We have a really small outdoor space/deck…but your totally making me wanna update that tiny little space into something cozy and colourful!

  9. I feel like I am at my local Ace at least 3 times a week so this would definitely come in handy!

  10. I really want to hang out on your front porch. The swing is my favorite. I wish I could have a front porch swing. Heck, I wish I had a front porch. We just have a deck.

  11. This is inspiring me to get moving on my front porch. I inherited an awesome porch swing that my uncle built. I need to get it refurbished and start using it!

  12. Your porch looks awesome! Just the kick in the pants I need to get mine in shape. Thanks!!

  13. Seeing as we’ve just purchased a new table and chairs from Ikea (seriously – best deal ever – six chairs and a table for $350!), we could use a little paint to spruce up the area around the new stuff!

  14. This just reaffirms the feeling I’ve had lately that I need more succulents in my life.

  15. Bubblebath has been my favourite polish for ever, I super love it on the pots or maybe on my bathroom wall…. hmmmm….

    1. A bathroom wall would be GORGEOUS. Or a laundry room? Or little girl’s bedroom? It’s so soft and subtle, and I just love that color so much.

  16. I have been on the lookout for some good front porch inspiration and I love the painted stripes on the planters.

  17. Planter tray is a nice touch. I think I might make one like that but for our useless outdoor ottoman/table that’s spongy in the middle.

  18. Very pretty! We don’t have a front porch, but we do have a mudroom which, when cleaned up, can *almost* pass for a sunroom.

  19. It’s May here too in the mountains of Utah – which means that while we’d LOVE to get out on our porch more, the weather is just too unpredictable to get out there as often as we’d like. I know come August, we’ll be DYING of the heat – but for now, I’d just love a little sunshine & warmth to get us started!!

  20. Anything on my mind huh? At the moment I’m contemplating how well one of my single guy friends would mesh with one of my single girl pals…maybe play a little cupid <3

  21. I have been staring out at my deck waiting for Chicago to wake up and realize its May not March. I love the palate you used!

  22. So I’ve been wondering…do you have power receptacles outdoors? Our house doesn’t have any and I want to change that so we can work on our computers outdoors (I work from home, and it would just be lovely to be able to enjoy spring weather while I’m busy with work).

    1. Not in the front – at least, not yet. We do in the back, but it’s a horrible, ugly space! For now, the front porch will simply be the safe haven from any work! :)

  23. porch looks great! i’m dorkily excited because my neighborhood is getting an Ace – again! our ace closed last year to make way for a dollar store (?!) but is reopening a few doors down. an unexpected surprise and welcome in our age of home depot and amazon.

  24. so cute! such a great set up for the summer, when that warmer weather finally arrives.

  25. LOVING those succulents and your pot diy. Such a cheap, fun, and easy idea.

  26. Love the new spring colors, and am going to steal your pretty planter ideas.

  27. Oh, those colors are just lovely! Everything is coming together to well, you’ve definitely inspired me to do some work on my own outdoor space! Beautiful!

  28. Great idea, now I’m going to drag out my spare paint and spruce up my terra cotta planters.

    1. I also have to add that I am so jealous of your front porch. We have a stoop which we sit on but isn’t great for dining. An outdoor living room is so nice.

  29. As a fellow midwesterner I can share your hopes for as many nice days as possible to enjoy the outdoors! Looks like you have a lovely space ready to enjoy when the opportunity strikes!

  30. Yep, I’ve been fighting with myself about what pattern to do on my outdoor seat cushions but this just sealed the deal. banana leaf print!

  31. The porch looks so inviting. Thanks for reminding me that a painting update is needed on my pots!

  32. I need to spruce up my ba ck deck sooo badly it is starting to look very tired

  33. So adorable!
    I’m excited to be flying into Chicago tomorrow thru the weekend, I can’t wait to go exploring. I’m hoping the weather will be nice too!

  34. I love your porch. I need to get my porch usable before it gets too hot to enjoy.

  35. I too have those pots and they’ve been sitting in my garage. Great idea!

  36. Great Giveaway! I like the painted plants. I recently rub n buffed the bottom of a little planter just like yours – just need to add something inside!

  37. Love the new colors you incorporated! I’ve got some pots I need to spruce up with some bright colors!

  38. I’ve been trying to find somewhere to incorporate “Nein! Nein! Nein! OK Fine” in my apartment – still haven’t nailed down where yet!

  39. you can never have too many succulents can you? i love the colors, but especially the Barefoot in Barcelona (OPI). it would be so fun to do this project and pick some of these bright colors to liven up my own home.

    1. Right?! It’s the perfect dusty pink. I wish I could just buy a whole bunch of velvet in that exact color and upholster everything in sight!

  40. Sigh. I’m so in love with your porch. That swing. Those plants. The colors. All of it. Well done.

  41. Love the porch!! Seeing it is getting me inspired to start working on mine, since this weather hasn’t done any motivating, has it? What gives, Chicago?
    Also, how is it that I never knew that H&M sells housewares?? Those pillows are great, even better is you guys and your ability to mix and match colors and patterns so darn perfectly!

    1. Almost all of our pillow cases are from H&M! So inexpensive, so I don’t feel terrible if I want to change it up!

      1. Can you shop for them in their location in the city rather than online only?
        I haven’t been in to H&M in ages… seems like a return trip is in order.

  42. Today I’m thinking about my daughter’s upcoming wedding. She graduated from college on Sunday and now we are ready to go into planning mode!

  43. Agreed, the leaves pillow was a great choice. Such a cute punch of bright and cheery!

  44. I have a few of those same pots from IKEA, though I have the giant size. I am totally going to spruce them up with some paint!

  45. Spring cleaning is on my mind. I am trying to get my house organized.

  46. I painted my flower pots as well this week! We are currently working on adding a wooden countertop over our washer/dryer–our first wood project. Next will be floating shelves in the WC of the master bath. Love yours in your tool room. Gotta be the nicest tool room ever!

  47. Love your succulents! It’s been colder than normal here as well – I’m ready for warmer weather any time now!

  48. I can’t believe there are OPI wall paint colors available… last year I needed to pick out carpet for a stair runner, so I painted my nails the same color as my walls and went to the flooring store. I thought I was a genius! haha But it looks like other people had the same idea. Love it!

  49. I have an ACE right by me, I could definitely use some cash to spend there!

  50. Love the subtle pops of color on the planters but love those side chairs even more! We’ve been fortunate enough in southern Kentucky to be able to enjoy our porch most every night. Fingers crossed the weather will soon begin to cooperate in Chicago too!

  51. love your porch! We just bought some Craigslist table and chairs for our deck. I can’t wait for a break in the rain so we can use it.

  52. This is an awesome giveaway! Ace Hardware is like a second home for us. We too bought an old house that needed ever room gutted!

  53. having some serious garden envy my yard and garden looks horrible right now and is need of some serious love!

  54. Love everything about this space.Those chairs are to die for. I love clean simple lines. I’m in the process of making over my patio as well.

  55. I love the pots! They look awesome. That banana leaf pillow is killer!

  56. Love the mini-makeover. Makes me want to get my rear in gear and make my porch a place I actually want to hang out on!

  57. I’m working on updating my porch right now, too. I’ve started with a dark stain on the decking and rails, and haven’t a clue where I’ll go from there! :)

  58. The porch looks awesome and I love the relaxed color palette!!

  59. Our porch needs a major upgrade! From the dying wood to the crappy furniture, it’s my dream to make our “alley patio” a nice space, despite the location. Love yours!!

  60. Just discovered you all not so long ago, and am enjoying the blog a lot! thanks for the giveaway!

  61. Yay! It’s raining!!!! (Says a So California drought girl).
    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  62. Such a nice front porch! And I love the succulent centerpiece… I would love all the different textured, shaped and colorful plants that are out there.

  63. I love Ace. They have a location within walking distance of my house.

  64. I’m waiting for it to be nice again so we can go outside and enjoy the sun :)


  65. I need to make a little bench for my stoop…great outdoor space!

  66. Something on my mind today is i can’t wait to get outside and plant some flowers.

  67. We also can’t wait for good weather to hang on your porch with you guys! ;) Looks good!

  68. Your porch looks so cute! I need to get going on updating my outdoor space and get it ready for Summer!

  69. Isn’t it the best to get ready for warm weather fun and relaxation?!?! I’ve been filling pots with flowers, sprucing up patio furniture all with the hope of enjoying them with family and friends.

  70. I love that it is getting warmer outside and I cannot wait to go for runs outside.

  71. The OPI colors look really great on your pots. I’ll go to ACE this weekend to check out the full spectrum. Have a great weekend!

  72. We live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, so ace is my FAVORITE store. I have been wanting to check out the OPI colors, they look great!

  73. Beautiful color pallet, especially in that last image! I’m excited to start on more outdoor projects like this. Love your hanging porch swing. :)

  74. Love the blue green color you used and that you painted pots. Lovely!

  75. Love the way your porch came together. Those OPI paint colors are so fun!

  76. I have never owned succulents, unless aloe plants count. They are so lovely that I think I will give some a try. Love the paint colors.

  77. Ace just bought a hardware store near me, and I would be soo excited to use a gift card there!

  78. I just spend about 2 hours in the backyard planting flowers and seeds.

  79. I love the board you made for the centerpiece! I really just love $0 projects :)

  80. Your porch looks so inviting! I love the paint colors you used on the pots. Its a good thing our local Ace is just down the street. I see cute pots like yours on our porch in the near future!

  81. Your porch looks amazing! I love all the pillows and plants. That will be such a cozy place during the summer. :)

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