Plan B: The Basement

Before leaving for Mexico, we carefully (and hurriedly) set our “out of office” auto replies, secured our pet sitters, wiped down furniture, laid down fresh plastic sheeting on daily use items (such as our printer, studio desk and filing carts), ushered miscellaneous chairs, ottomans and decor into the safety of our second spare room and […]

Prep and Paint (Sort of)

Things we shouldn’t do until our contractor completes the drywall repair –  well, the drywall we’ve ripped out… but also the ceilings we’ve taken down and the floors we’ve ripped up: Nail anything into the walls. Our home will still be shifting (ever-so-slightly) until they complete the support beam installation. This means that any built-in […]

Become a Sponsor for Yellow Brick Home

We’re Kim and Scott of Yellow Brick Home, a husband and wife team that looks forward to collaborating with businesses whose creative approach and aesthetics align with our own and whose products or services we would use ourselves. We focus on the place we love to call home, and we cover a range of topics […]

Full Length

Aside from a $9 Target mirror I scrimped for in college (which was unfortunately dubbed a fat mirror; you know the kind), I’ve never owned a legitimate full length mirror. This realization is usually met in (mock) horror by my girlfriends, which I’ve never understood until last night. After an Ikea day last week, Scott […]

A Sudsy Update

As we mixed the third batch for our DIY Suds, we realized that (shame!) we should have been keeping you updated. Because, well, that’s 3 batches since February. And with each re-occurring batch, we spend nothing but a buck for the Fels Naptha soap. So, that would mean we’ve spent a total of $12 on […]