Choosing Wallpaper for the Sleeping Loft: A Poll + A Round-Up!

Choosing wallpaper in the sleeping loft | via Yellow Brick Home

check sheets | sconce | vintage rug (similar) | wool rug | bookcase | art | night light

It’s official – choosing wallpaper is not for the faint of heart. Ha! Never have we received more messages on a series of Instagram Stories than when we’ve shared our wallpaper debate. Like, ever. We love how intuitive you all are, and although we were initially leaning towards several of these pretty papers from Kate Golding, you could read me like a book. They’re gorgeous, but not for us. Not for what we had in mind.

Our idea is to wallpaper the window wall in the sleeping loft. While we’re not typically drawn to accent walls in a large room, we do think there’s something sweet about them in cozy nooks – like our guest room, for example. They can help to make an awkward wall feel intentional (ahem, guest room) or enhance an architectural detail you love (the sleeping loft ceiling!). We know we want the ‘theme’ of the paper to feel right for Tree House – and you probably noticed this. Our paper focus was mostly on nature themes – floral, greenery, sand dunes and forest friends. It is a kids’ space, after all, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we want it to feel kid-ish. We think there’s balance to be found, if only we can actually find it.

Psst: There’s a poll at the bottom of this post where we want you to weigh in!

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Vlog: A (Business) Q+A, Part I of II

In case you missed it, here’s part II of this Q+A. Thank you for following along!

We always say that the best part of this blog community is just that – the community. We have loved your feedback and encouragement as we tackle various projects over the years, and recently, we did a fun Q+A in our Stories where we learned more about you! We learned that you prefer N*Sync over The Backstreet Boys (although there was a strong write-in vote for NKOTB, obviously), The Beatles over The Rolling Stones, dogs over cats, white walls over saturated colors, and you’re 50/50 on soup over salad. Oh, and y’all are a big, fat nay! on Weezer after Pinkerton. (Blue album for life!)

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How To Refresh a Vintage Bathroom + Keep the Charm: II of II

black and yellow vintage bathroom | Lowe's bathroom refresh | via Yellow Brick Home

This post is sponsored by Lowe’s. See part I of this II post series right here!

As it turns out (but probably not so surprisingly?), vintage bathrooms are very polarizing! We enjoyed reading each and every one of your thoughtful responses to part I of Pete and Rachael’s bathroom refresh, and we quickly saw that there were two schools of thought.

On one hand, we heard the pain points of vintage bath owners; you love your mint, pink and yellow tiles, but you don’t know how to make them work in your day-to-day. We received messages with photos of your own baths attached, and we were honestly green – mint? – with envy over your beautiful spaces! In most cases, a quick coat of paint on the walls would do wonders, in others, a swap for modern plumbing would allow you to see your room(s) with fresh eyes.

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5 General Rules to Mixing Wood Tones

how we mix wood tones in a space | 5 general rules to keep in mind | via Yellow Brick Home

vintage rug (similar) | dipped stool | sconce | vanity

Much like mixing metals, colors, or fabrics, mixing wood tones can be an exercise in subtlety. Variations in tone, grain, finish, and scale should all be considered when tossing different species of wood in a space. After posting about the update to our recently modified media console, we received a question from a reader in search of some guidance on mixing wood tones happily in a space that is currently dominated by dark walnut tones.

Mid century media console in neutral living room // How to keep media console organized // via Yellow Brick Home

credenza | entryway light | clock

She asks:

Do you have a recommendation on how to mix wood tones? Most of our wood pieces are a dark walnut. How do you make mixed wood tones look intentional and organic? – Gina

We’re often answering this question through emails and DMs, and Gina’s question was the kick we needed to pull our answer together under one post. We hope this helps!

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How We’ll Be Renovating Our Bathroom to Maximize ROI

How We'll Be Renovating Our Bathroom to Maximize ROI

This post is in partnership with

Our first floor bath renovation is around the corner! Did you notice it during our recent house tour? It hasn’t changed one bit since the day we moved into our home – almost 6 years ago. This future makeover remains untouched due to my all-or-nothing mentality, but to be honest, it never felt like a fresh coat of paint would stretch very far anyway. The mis-match of tiles (and random placement thereof), the countless layers of subfloor and that big, gold corner shower would still steal the show no matter what, certainly, and investing in a replacement vanity hardly felt worth the effort. We knew it would all change eventually, and friends, that time is now.

While we have no intention of moving, it’s a well known fact that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. This should come as no surprise! With that in mind, we’ll be making conscious decisions to ensure that our choices maximize the return on our investment for when we’re older, more grey (than we already are!) and ready to sell our home (and move somewhere where it’s sunny year-round, of course). We’re speaking more to that on, where we’ll also be recapping how we did once the renovation is complete! The first part of that two part series is right here, and we hope it will give you a better understanding on our thought process in regards to ROI before the first sledgehammer hits the wall.

How We'll Be Renovating Our Bathroom to Maximize ROI

We’re still in the early planning stages, but we do know that the shower will stay – that is, once we push the wall back and can create a more usable, linear space. The toilet and vanity will swap. The old floor (and the floor beneath that and the floor beneath that) will all come up. Drywall will be replaced altogether. It’s going to be so drastically different!

How We'll Be Renovating Our Bathroom to Maximize ROI

We think it will be fun to bring in a real estate expert to gather information on how our renovation investment paid off, which will be fun to see once the dust has settled and the new tile has been shined up. In the meantime, we’re still gathering inspiration on how we’d like to finish the room – tiled walls? Tongue and groove? An unexpected wallpaper?

More before photos and how we plan to maximize ROI can be found on right here! (Side note: Did you know that has a database where you can view the value of your home based on where you live and comparable public records?) We can’t wait to start sharing our design decisions as they begin to unfold!

The Weekender + an Exciting Announcement!

A white kitchen with amber soap pumps | via Yellow Brick Home

pendant light | toaster | coffee brewer | soap pumps | hardware

Never underestimate the joy that can be found in a pair of matching soap pumps. (One for the hands, one for the fruits and veggies.) I used a manual label maker to tag each one, and I swear, I might’ve done a little jig in the kitchen! After having a mis-matched pair of pumps for far too long – I promise I’m going somewhere with this – I purchased another amber glass jar to match one of the two. It had been on my list for, oh, months. While I was at it, I scrubbed scuffs off of the wall, touched up grimy baseboards with paint, wiped down all the cabinet fronts and caulked a few gaps, repotted a neglected plants, flipped the couch cushions, spot cleaned the rugs, washed all the throw pillow covers and dropped off a bag for donation. It felt wonderful! All of those small tasks had been building up in the corners of my brain, taking up residency and weighing me – us! – down.

The soap pumps started it, but that domino effect lifted a weight we hadn’t realized was there.

Afterwards, we vowed to tackle these so-called little things as they come up, as opposed to waiting for a full day sprint of one thing after the next. When it comes to my own home, I’m guilty of an all-or-nothing mentality, although doesn’t that seem hypocritical when I’m encouraging others to start small and do what they can now? And circling back around, couldn’t the same be said for our daily to-do lists? Start small; put one foot in front of the other. As Scott likes to remind me, the only way to eat a whale is one bite at a time.

Other Stuff

• Do you follow Erin on Instagram? I add nearly every one of her posts to my bookmarks. This one hit my heart this week, especially as I find myself noticing the lines on my forehead, the crinkles around my eyes, more and more. I needed that.

• When I asked you for your hands down, no contest leggings, you delivered. I now have 3 pairs of these, and you’re right – they are worth every penny! (And ethical, too.) My sweet spot is the compressive high rise with the 23 3/4″ inseam. Stubby leg, long torso girls unite!

• Our curiosity finally got the best of us, and we placed our first order with Brandless. And then we placed our second order. And our third order! Most items are $3 or less, and it’s official – we’re hooked. These are a slam dunk, Lucy loves these and these, and we’re sold on the diapers (but don’t love the wipes).

My favorite children’s book of the moment. I legit cried the first (and second) time I read it.

This show made us cry-laugh all week long.

• I never thought I’d be so excited about a doormat, but these are a game changer! They stay put, hide ev-er-y-thing and are easy to vacuum.

• My favorite art print from minted is now a wall mural! How pretty would this look if we framed it (using this technique) and hung it above the sectional in our Tree House? I’ve been trying to capture my own similar photo, but with no luck. This might be the ticket.

• Little kids in hockey gear might be my very favorite thing. Ever. All that padding, such teeny, tiny bodies! So when a dad mic’ed up his 4-year-old on the ice, you might say that there are few things cuter in this world.

Heartbreaking, yet so sweet.

Attend Our Flash Sale to Benefit Charity!

It’s happening! We’re hosting a big, fat Flash Sale, and we’ve asked our friends Nicole from Making it Lovely and Kyla from House of Hipsters to join us in bringing it to life! And all the proceeds are going to charity! Am I shouting? I feel like it’s the only way to express how incredibly excited we are to share this with you!

A Flash Sale for charity via Yellow Brick Home | save the date!

What is the Flash Sale?

Think of this pop-up as a well curated rummage sale of home goods in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. All of the money raised will be split equally between CRISP (Chicago Rescue Intervention and Support Program), Jackson Chance Foundation and Housing Forward. The Flash Sale will be an enjoyable experience with music, small bites and drinks, and an opportunity to mingle and shop while benefitting these great causes. In other words, let’s hang out and have some fun!

But wait! There’s more!

We wouldn’t be able to make this possible without help from some truly incredible sponsors. Each of our sponsors below are providing generous raffle prizes with a combined overall value – to date – of more than $4,000. As every raffle donation rolled through our inbox – and they’re still coming in! – I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t gotten misty. (I’ve been needing a lot of tissues this week, apparently!) Prizes range from $500 shopping sprees to a boutique hotel stay and home fragrance packages. It’s a can’t miss, and every one of those dollars raised towards the raffle will be sent off to CRISP, Jackson Chance and Housing Forward.

Flash Sale sponsors via Yellow Brick Home

SchoolhouseRejuvenationArticle • UnisonSydney Hale Co.FramebridgeHygge & West • Josh Young Design House • BISSELL • St. Jane Chicago Hotel

Save the date

We hope to see you on April 6th, 9AM – 1PM in the spacious and sunny Gooch Too Studio, located in the West Loop, Chicago! More details to come in the coming weeks.

Happy weekend, friends!

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YBH is on Spotify!

Yellow Brick Home on Spotify | our Spotify playlists!

modified record storage (similar) | tv console | wall clock

Our home is full of music. Pretty much always. While neither Kim or I have a musical bone in our body (with the exception of Kim’s early organ prodigy days; yes, the organ!), we’re both huge fans of music. We bonded over Talking Heads and vintage Aerosmith as friends before we even started dating, and we’ve been to hundreds of concerts together ever since! Seeing live music together is one of our favorite activities; it’s an indulgence we can both easily agree on.

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Vlog: Our March 2019 House Tour!

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”LB0VQz4s” upload-date=”2019-03-05T09:00:00.000Z” name=”Our House Tour | March 2019″ description=””]

Somehow, some way, two years have passed since we last walked through our house with you! We’re fixing that right now. In this vlog, we’re peeking in and out of every room, and you’ll probably notice quite a few changes from our last home tour – that is, not including that pesky first floor bathroom that looks exactly the same. But Lucy’s room? The living room? Different, different. The litter boxes out in the open? The game of Spot-the-Jack? It’s all in today’s house tour, and we can’t wait to peek through each and every room with you. Although our home feels more like us than ever before, we’re looking forward to seeing what changes the future holds! We’re never not experimenting, playing.

Note: If you’re viewing this in a reader, you may need to click over to the original post to view the video, or watch it on YouTube here

Video Notes

Here’s that tour from 2 years ago!
Here are the sources and paint colors for many items in our home
And this is the camera and stabilizer that we use

PS: Music is ‘What Lana Says’ by ProleteR, and this vlog was filmed and edited by us, Kim + Scott. If you enjoy our vlogs, it’d sure make our day if you subscribed to our YouTube channel!

Lucy’s Veggie Packed Power Muffins

veggie packed muffins, toddler friendly // via Yellow Brick Home

marble pastry slab | cooling rack

If you feel like you’re in a toddler snack rut, run to this post! I had just finished whipping up another batch of Lucy’s Power Muffins (more on that in a second), but we felt ourselves falling into a routine of monthly muffin baking, and we were in desperate need of new ideas – aside from the usual cheese, crackers and sliced up fruit. I asked, and you delivered. There was so much great feedback, that I’ve bookmarked that photo to refer to when we’re in need of a new idea, and we’ve already implemented a few. So, thank you! Y’all are the cats pajamas, I tell ya.

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28 Ethical Clothing Brands You’ll Love to Support

A list of ethical clothing brands you'll want to support | via Yellow Brick Home

closet | headboard | sconce

Early this year (and clearly bitten by the January Resolutions Bug), we cleaned – nay, overhauled – our closets. I shared the process in this post, which included the 8 simple things you can do right now for happier mornings as you get dressed and ready for the day! But our closet clean out didn’t stop there; it continues daily with a vow to work harder and smarter towards making the more ethical choice in fashion. To be clear, I am so far from being a leader on the topic, but we’re here to learn from each other! We’re taking the first steps. We’re putting in effort. If you haven’t yet, take a read through the comments on that post. You’re so thoughtful in your efforts towards sustainability, and it was really inspiring to learn your take. You make us want to do better.

What does it mean to be ethical?

The definition of ethical (or eco or sustainable) fashion is so incredibly vast, that I think it can feel overwhelming to know where to begin. The definition alone can be the trickiest part to navigate, so I’d like to preface this by saying: Do your part where you can. Try for your best. If you’re questioning your choices in the first place, you’ve already taken the first steps towards the more mindful choice.

But if I can get technical for a moment, to be ethical in our shopping choices encompasses more than just the physical textile. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t want to flub this, so I’ll quote the most clear-cut definition I could find:

Ethical Fashion is an umbrella term to describe ethical fashion design, production, retail, and purchasing. It covers a range of issues such as working conditions, exploitation, fair trade, sustainable production, the environment, and animal welfare. (via)

Consider shopping secondhand.

Perhaps the easiest first step we could all take towards supporting a more circular economy would be to shop secondhand. I’m constantly amazed by our friend and neighbor who has the most incredible thrifted wardrobe, and she owns it. Scott and I love a good flea market or vintage furniture shop more than anything, but when it comes to clothing, we know this is an area where we could improve. In college, the thrift store was my second home, and looking back, I miss that creativity and thrill-of-the-hunt when it comes to finding a unique piece. If sifting through those (admittedly overwhelming) racks of clothing sounds daunting, consider a more curated online approach, such as ThredUp! You can even earn cash or credit when you send them your gently used clothing, too.

So, in summary…

I’m making this list for me as much as for you, because I could stand to put better practices into place. This list is far from complete, but I’ve pulled this list together using the brands you mentioned over and over again in the closet post that started it all, as well as my Instagram callout.* I’ve also double checked these brands against their personal mission statements, a quick Googling and a new-to-me app, Good On You. Good On You has incredibly strict guidelines, and I’ve found that it’s important to read all of their notes on each brand to determine if it’s right for you. Thank you for your feedback, and feel free to leave additional sources for us all in the comments!

*To keep this post from spiraling, I’m sticking to fashion. However, there could easily be an entire post dedicated to beauty and home! Perhaps you’d like to leave some of your favorite beauty and home brands in the comment section? Here are a small handful of our go-tos to start: Thrive Causemetics (I love and use their setting powder), Glossier (cloud paint in puff for life), Milk Makeup, Schoolhouse and Rejuvenation.

1| Everlane

A list of ethical clothing brands you'll want to support | via Yellow Brick Home

shrunken cotton shirt | cotton square crew | high rise button fly

2| Allbirds

A list of ethical clothing brands you'll want to support | via Yellow Brick Home

smallbirds runners | men’s runners | women’s tree toppers

3| Eileen Fisher

A list of ethical clothing brands you'll want to support | via Yellow Brick Home

striped box top | tencel wrap skirt | boyfriend denim jacket

4| Christy Dawn

A list of ethical clothing brands you'll want to support | via Yellow Brick Home

dawn bootscarlet dress | frannie sweater

5| Girlfriend Collective


compressive legging | topanga bra | flex bodysuit

6| Remade

A list of ethical clothing brands you'll want to support | via Yellow Brick Home

oversized slub pocket tee | cotton chambray | wrap dress

7| Whimsy & Row

A list of ethical clothing brands you'll want to support | via Yellow Brick Home

flora pant | lilah plaid crop | liz jacket

8| Amour Vert

A list of ethical clothing brands you'll want to support | via Yellow Brick Home

perryn sweater | perla grey pump | ribbed jogger

9| Nisolo

A list of ethical clothing brands you'll want to support | via Yellow Brick Home

dari boot | elayna sneaker | mariella mule

10| People Tree

A list of ethical clothing brands you'll want to support | via Yellow Brick Home

oliana jumpsuit | cornelia tunic | stripey dress

11| Reformation

A list of ethical clothing brands you'll want to support | via Yellow Brick Home

eddie tee | high straight jean | reign top

12| Alternative Apparel

A list of ethical clothing brands you'll want to support | via Yellow Brick Home

t-shirt dress | powder puff | french terry pants


And Here Are Helpful Resources to Get You Started:

A list of ethical clothing brands you'll want to support | via Yellow Brick Home