Painted: Cody

You may have seen Cody pop up in our Pet Shop, but his face was too sweet not to share on our Painted platform, too. While this Lab and Chow mix may get more noticed for his love of food (his sandwich sleuthing skills come to mind), the “sniffer” in him is what got me.

Keeping his nose to the pavement on every walk, Cody barely lifts his head until he’s reached the safety of his own home. Yes, this is true for most pups, but his mom went so far as to call his sniffing “frantic,” which ups the ante a bit to most, no?

Thank you, Meghan, for allowing us to peek in to Cody’s life. We just love that cutie pie face.

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  1. I am Cody’s aunt and I think you did a fantastic job!! You also did a wonderful job capturing my beloved Skunkie… It’s perfect!

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