Painted: Cracker

It’s been a while since we’ve showed off those fine felines behind the Painted scenes, and this buddy hardly needs an introduction (I mean, that face says it all). Meet Cracker:

Cracker, a Cornish Rex kiddo, had me at hello. I don’t mean to get all Renee Z on you, but I couldn’t resist the ears. And eyes. And holy ships, that nose! Here’s what his lady friend, Shanna, had to say:

When people first meet Cracker, a completely deaf, very loud, nearly hairless Cornish Rex, they are both intrigued and… a little freaked out.  He’s all skinny limbs and big ears, and pretty much completely unlike any other cat you’ve ever met.  It doesn’t take long for him to win people over, though!  He’s very friendly, has a big personality, and is always the center of attention.

First, Shanna made it very clear that Cracker must be on a pink background. When I suggested we go hot or go home – and she agreed – I knew we’d make a great team. After the hilarity that was narrowing down the proper photo, we agreed on what she calls loaf mode, staring intently (and intensely) at the soundless world around him.

Thank you, Shanna, for sharing the lovely Cracker with all of us!

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  1. Hooray for Cracker! Thanks for featuring him! We are all ridiculously pleased with how well his painting came out.

  2. You really did an incredible job with the painting. It perfectly captures his slight, knowing smile he often shares. Now we have to lock down a highly profiled location in our home to showcase the art. Thanks!

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