Painted: Hendrix

With as many pets as I ship out behind the scenes (thank you, thank you!), it’s a shame that, lately, they’re not getting the limelight they deserve. I’d like to remedy that – temporarily, if only for the day – by introducing you to Hendrix:

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting this little man in person, as he’s the kiddo of our friends, Chad and Mari. When our mutual friend commissioned us to immortalize that mug as a gift for their upcoming nuptials (they’ve since gotten hitched – congrats!), a little Facebook photo sleuthing commenced, and I got to work. Here’s what Hendrix’ mom had to say:

Hendrix is a full blood boxer that we brought home at the ripe old age of 8 weeks. He is super high energy and could break doggie records with his 4 foot vertical leap. Hendrix loves – a lot! – and he loves hard (exhibit A: the grapefruit sized bruise on my leg!), but he loves nobody more than our son, Jackson (age 6). They are truly inseparable.

As if our Jackie Boy wasn’t enough proof, you know we love a little muscle in our pups. Thank you, Mari, for sharing your handsome man with all of us!

Hendrix was painted as a pocket-sized 4″x4.”  For more information on custom work of your own, check us out at The Pet Shop, a tiny division of Yellow Brick Home. And as always, thank you for the continued support! xo.

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  1. The four foot vertical jump is no joke. It’s a great conversation starter! The painting is amazing and is spot on! Great work!

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