Painting Puppies

Last year for Scott’s birthday, I painted him a 5×5 inch portrait of a Boston Terrier on a slab of wood panel.  At the time, we were smitten with those little bundles of love and all their pink-tongue, wet-nosed glory.  Since we couldn’t quite imagine hunkering down and adopting one just yet, I thought a little reminder of our future puppy goal would be the perfect gift.  Take a peek at where it hangs in our entry, the perfect spot as we come and go (the right image is just a head-on view).


Not only did we end up with our own live pup less than a year later, as it turns out, I wasn’t the only one who thought it was a fitting gift.  Since we’ve hung the tiny portrait, several house guests and friends have asked for one as well.  Or if you’re one of my closets gal pals, Penina, you hint strongly at how you would love one as a gift.  Her clues began dropping as early as last Fall, and I made a mental note to make sure and whip her up a little piece of art.  Fast forward not quite a year later, and the time came.  Her birthday was July 29th, and using a photo I had taken of her furry canine, Rider, I did exactly as I promised my brain I would.


Why the pants? I mean, really, pants? We all know that most nicknames don’t make sense, and they usually evolve over time.  In this case: Rider > Rider Fatpants > Pants.  Poor pup never had a choice in the matter, but there it is.  Rider ultimately became Pants, and I knew I had to somehow work that in.  The Pants portrait now hangs happily in Penina’s kitchen, where that innocent grin can be the center of attention.

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  1. Kelly, I started an etsy shop but did nothing with it. I tend to try and do too much at once, and with all the mini home projects, I went a little over my head! Perhaps one day…

  2. i’m with scott! total money-maker! nothing like it on etsy! get ON it!

  3. Rider and I are honored by the shout outs :) Thanks Kim. Seriously, open an Etsy shop. Do it!

  4. Yes you should definately sell these they are so great!!! I totally want one! If you ever feel like making one of a black fluffy Pekingese I will pay you for it! :)

  5. All, you guys are killing me! I will keep this possibility in my head… and you better be the first ones in line to pony up!

  6. no way dude, there’s no better time than NOW to do it! f-the economy – people want animal art!

  7. I am so pleased with my recent little purchase of (5) yes count them (5) renderings of my puppies! Kim got my vision and made it happen…She captured the essence of each of my pups (Dante, Boozia, Saskia, Lucia and Mia) and what they represent to me and my family…Four are gifts and I can truly say am so pleased to be giving them to someone else to enjoy as well….Thank you Kim and Scott (who painted the background on all five!) I AM SO PUMPED!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! Your response is why I make them. I’m so excited you love them, and can’t wait to hear what you’re mom will say when she sees them!

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