After declaring our living room done! – even without the end tables that we just couldn’t seem to track down – we received an email from Susan of Jubilee Furniture (our favorite second-hand furniture heaven; if you’re in the Chicagoland area, go!). After scouring her store’s inventory, she lured us in with promises of the perfect end table. The dimensions fit our unusually shaped needs, and since we love a reason to visit Jubilee, we hauled ourselves to the ‘burbs to pick up the table.

But! More on that table later; I’m going somewhere with this. (Ugh, I know, sorry.) While picking up the table, Susan also left us a bag labeled Merry Christmas!, and inside? These:

We would have been stunned, but Susan is just that way – so super thoughtful – and we left the store wondering if we could adopt her into our family (Susan, is this possible?). Along with the birds, she left a note, too. (It reads: Mid 1940s gold leaf peacock, Maynard Anthony Freeman, Anthony of Freeman McFarlin figurines.)

We sent her a note of thank you, and she responded with a little research she pulled up on the peacocks:

I found the same set online for around $150 – so if you can’t find a home for them maybe you could sell them!

Hold. The. Phone. First, no way were we selling them. (We already loved them!) Second, a quick search of our own found our exact pair for $600. $600!

More research had us understanding the history of these collectibles hailing from Freeman McFarlin, a collaboration of Gerald McFarlin and Maynard Anthony Freeman. My expert internet-sleuthing confirmed these were the real deal, as evidenced by Anthony’s signature (see more images at the original listing, right here). Pretty neat, yeah?

On the other hand, we found this guy on Etsy for $35, and now, I’m really, really wishing for the giraffe.

For now, we’ve propped them against our subversive cross-stitch (which got a new mat and frame during the big-ledge-o’-art overhaul), and they balance out our gilded doughnut just right. However, we couldn’t help but think how sweet they’d look tucked into a dining room buffet – words straight from Scott’s mouth. (I suppose our bigger-house dreaming has been catching up with us.)

How many of you have picked up your own special thrift finds, only to find out – surprise! – they were worth much, much more than your original tiny price tags?

PS… If you’re on the fence about whether or not to make the trek to the Chicago ‘burbs, you can see (a small portion) of Jubilee’s current inventory on their blog.

15 replies on “Peacock Jackpot”

  1. So glad you like ’em! The bling of the gold and the elegant lines of the peacocks immediately said, “Kim” to me!

    Can you adopt a 54 year old?

    Thanks for the wonderful plug for Jubilee Furniture!

    All my best to you and Scott!

  2. I love the crossed stitched piece you have them bordering. May I ask where you got it from?

  3. I just found your blog throught ChrisLovesJulia (love them). I am now instantly obsessed with Freeman McFarlain. I just pinned a bunch of Etsy stuff. I’m off to check out the rest of your blog and I’ll be add it to my blogroll on my blog! Thanks!

  4. What a sweet gesture! They’re beautiful & I’m blushing they’re flanking my piece! @Emma, you can find the pattern in the Subversive Cross Stitch book. Wish I was genius enough to come up w/ the saying!

  5. Hi,

    I have the same pair of MCM Anthony Freeman-McFarlin Peacock birds in excellent shape – no chips. They don’t work for our home and I am interested in finding a great home for them. Please let me know if you are interested!

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