Red, White & Blue

We’ll be braving today’s heat at the beach, where we’ll likely spend all our time in the water (!). We may sneak a peek at our pin boards to find something tasty to bring to an afternoon barbecue, and we’ll end the day with a late night walk to the lake shore to watch the fireworks. There will be no work and no email checking today, only fun.

Wishing you a happy (and safe!) July 4th!

5 replies on “Red, White & Blue”

    1. Ooh, I always get the chocolate malt, but next time I’ll have to add peanut butter! And we also love 90 Miles. Yum!

  1. Cute Jacko photos. I’m sure it’s too late to plan for this today, but you guys need to make the potato salad recipe (in my FB “mmm food” album) sometime this summer. So good and healthier than mayo-filled recipes. Happy 4th!

    1. Kalli, thanks! I’ll have to check it out! We ended up bringing a dessert dish.

      Ann, we wondered if you guys thought it might have been too hot – and you know that’s a lot, coming from me!

  2. These Cincinnati folks wish we had been to the beach with you and hope it was a great day!

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