Renegade 3.0

It’s always a little sad after Renegade ends – the weekend is a whirlwind, filled with early mornings, exhausted evenings (both in a good way) and enough blood-pumping adrenaline for the entire holiday season. We consumed way too much coffee, but the crowds of pet-loving people we met in those two days make every minute of our prep so, so worth it!

I spent all of yesterday in my pajamas, and when Scott suggested a night at the restaurant of my choosing to celebrate, we settled on fancy take out to prevent the need for jeans and make-up. While going through my photos, I quickly realized… I didn’t have many. We spent little time outside of our booth, which we can only consider a great thing, as we were busy. So busy! And we loved it.

When Scott patiently attempted to take a photo of me behind our booth, I went into super-awkward mode, but he did manage to snap one where I was smiling “for real” – you know, as opposed to my normal oh my god, how do I act in front of a camera syndrome.

On the other hand, my dude’s a natural, likely because I’m always the one behind the camera.

As in years past, we split our booth with Grandpa Pete of Wood House Pipes (you should take a peek into his story and process; it’s pretty incredible), and with such opposing products, we kept things cohesive with a neutral tablecloth (it’s really a drop cloth!) and festive framed logos.

The crowds were in full force this year (the photo below was taken in our room, but there were 4 others!), and like I mentioned yesterday, we had a ball meeting those of you that introduced yourselves as blog readers! You have know no idea how much this made our weekend, and handing over those original paintings (and envisioning them hanging in your homes!) makes our hearts sing.

We Instagrammed our way through the weekend, sharing glimpses of the happy shoppers, our bright-and-early coffee faces and snaps of the cute and charming Pulaski Field House.

I couldn’t have survived the last few months without Scott, the best damn booth mate I could ask for. While I worked late every night and 7 days a week, he never once complained as he cooked dinner every night, ran ridiculous errands for our display, and pretended not to notice when I went into crabby-Kim mode due to my self-imposed heavy to-dos (well, mostly!).

Of course, we snuck in a few minutes of holiday shopping – the problem being that most of the purchases were for ourselves (but in our defense, we reallywere keeping our giftees in mind). We’ll share those as soon as we unpack our bins of product and loot.

In the end, we came home with a lot less paintings and prints than what we started with (can’t ask for more than that!), and once I get my ducks in a row, new items will be added to The Pet Shop. We took a moment on Sunday evening to celebrate the weekend over margaritas, and by 10 o’clock, we fell into bed very, very happy. We cannot thank you so much for the support; we’re still pinching ourselves that we’re able to do this, and we really couldn’t do it without your fuzzy kiddos to inspire us.

See our first year at Renegade right here, and last year over here.

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  1. @Amanda, the original sloth is still in our possession. If I have my way, it’ll be in Kristen Bell’s hands by the end of the week. If Kim has her way, (she will) it’ll be up for grabs in The Pet Shop soon enough. Boo!

  2. Kim, where did you get that cream blouse? It’s gorgeous! and exactly what I’ve been looking for… :)

  3. Amanda, shoot! Looks like it’s no longer there. I know it went on sale, and it must have moved fast! It’s called the TINLEY ROAD Swiss Dot Blouse… perhaps a Google shopping search might turn it up somewhere else?

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