Renegade, Holla

Holy moly, folks. Renegade was an absolute blast and we’re still over the moon that they included little ol’ us. While we’d love to divulge every teeny last detail, we know pictures say it best. As promised, you’ll notice our home all over that booth, from my grandma’s chair, a re-purposed cabinet (left over from the very recent office reinvention), and even throws, linens, and a quail. And our booth partner, Wood House Pipes, added that, um, masculine charm – the perfect balance of pets and pipes.

In a nutshell, we had an amazing time, we’re darn tired (in that whee!-oh-man-am-I-gonna-sleep-well-tonight kind of way), and perhaps there will be a next time? Ah, time will tell. And a big muchas gracias for all the support along the way! You guys rock.

9 replies on “Renegade, Holla”

  1. Every time I see that quail, I get warm fuzzies. It’s beginning to feel like I’m stalking your little yellow birdies.

    And congrats on the fair!

  2. Wow this looks AMAZING!! Your craft and attention to detail is impeccable! Our college professors would be so proud! I am SO proud of you guys and if they don’t invite you back next year, then they are crazy!

  3. This display looks beautiful and cute. Not too girly, not too masculine. Just right for couples. I feel for you guys. Goodluck with future displays!

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