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It’s official. We have light!

Way back when we gave you the first tour of the house, you might have noticed that the majority of our ceiling fixtures were chandeliers – all of the same glass variety. Those will ultimately go, and while there are still a few of them hanging around (literally, ha!), some of them were replaced with inexpensive flush mounts until we can swap them with something better suited to our tastes.

But now? We have our first chosen light fixture hanging in our entryway! The very generous, very sweet and very amazing folks at Schoolhouse Electric knew we were (scratch that – still are) in the process of transforming our almost-130-year-old house back to its former glory, and they kindly offered to help with a fixture of our choice. Hold. The. Phone. Yes!

Schoolhouse was on our must-visit-list when we traveled to Portland not too long ago, so we were thrilled and beyond grateful that they wanted to partner up. Considering their shop is bookmarked in our browser toolbar, we had a long list of loves, but in the end, Scott and I eagerly decided on the Satellite 6 pendant in the natural brass finish for our entryway (now just imagine that those tall baseboards have been installed, too!):

Lighting is obviously a transformative element to any room (this is no secret), and that brass finish is a game changer. Well, no, it is, actually, solid brass (no veneer here!). From bulb to bulb, the fixture is 19″ wide, and we chose a 13″ drop for the stem for two reasons: ONE) Anything too low would look a little funny as you come down the stairs, and TWO) from the sidewalk, it’s framed perfectly within our transom window. Truly, it’s beautiful, and we couldn’t be happier.

The kicker? Our Schoolhouse browsing spree had us eyeing more than a few items for later on down the road. Bedding? Furniture? Office supplies and kitchenware? Until we visited their brick and mortar store in Portland, we had always thought of Schoolhouse for lighting eye candy (which we all know to be true!), but they kind of have the whole house thing covered:

Some of our favorites, seen above: waxed canvas utility bag, Aiden candlesticks, buffalo plaid throw, steel utility stools, matte gold serving utensils, and Ion table & desk lamp. We urge you to get lost in their whole shop; go, go!

As if we couldn’t love (love, love) these guys enough, they not only offered us a little treat, but they said, naturally, let’s team up with a reader, too! (I mean, of course!) And so together with Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co., we’ll be giving away $200 towards anything in their store! Using the Rafflecopter widget below, enter as many ways as you’d like. The giveaway is eligible for anyone in the world and runs through this Friday, February 21st until 5pm CST, and the winner will be announced within this post. Good luck and happy entering!

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This post is in partnership with Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. We were gifted the Satellite 6 pendant light in natural brass with G40 clear bulbs (these bulbs are huge!). Opinions and lighting love are all ours.

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  1. gorgeous doesn’t even begin to describe this fixture!! Nice choice, can’t wait to see what other goodies you go for for this cute house!

  2. LOVE the tile! Every time I see something similar, I always think of you guys :)

  3. Love the fixture you chose! What a unique light and I love the clear bulbs. Thank you for letting us know about Schoolhouse Electric – can’t wait to discover all the other neat things they have (I love the lights and especially that old school clock :-))

  4. That light is amazing! I can’t wait to see what other fixtures you pick out for your home!

  5. Looking good! And I always forget about the non-lighting side too…would love to take advantage…

  6. We have started the lighting hunt for our place too and are looking for great options. This light is amazing! Can’t wait to check out what they have!

  7. Wow! Your place is looking wonderful. I adore Schoolhouse Electric. I’d love a chance to win this great prize and pick out a cool fixture for our new apartment. Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I love following along as you transform this home…and the light is AWESOME.

  9. I have been drooling over one of their schoolhouse pendants for forever! Love the new fixture looks great in the entry way.

  10. I’m stalled on making this older home of mine into my dream home due to lack of funds. I would love to get something from Schoolhouse Electric! They are definitely my dream source.

  11. $200 from Schoolhouse would go a long way in helping finish our DIY kitchen remodel!

  12. Love Schoolhouse. i have a home built in the early 70s. they have loads of things i’d love to have in my house!

  13. I love that fixture – I would totally pick it too. Also I’m obsessed with Schoolhouse’s enamel kitchenware (I guess who isn’t?)

  14. Just found your blog. Can’t wait to start reading through all your wonderful work.

  15. I am redoing my kitchen and would love a new fixture from Schoolhouse Electric.

  16. I’m dying to replace the awful chandelier in our dining room left over from the previous owners!

  17. The new fixture looks great! And I have been eying some lighting and hardware from Schoolhouse Electric…

  18. Love the light fixture! I have been a fan of theirs for a LONG time!

  19. Love the light, it looks great! We need to replace the lights in our kitchen so this would be very helpful :)

  20. Really loving brass accents with all white walls. We’e trying to fix up our dining room right now and this is such good inspiration. Beautiful!

  21. Beautiful fixture! I love what you guys are doing – keep up the good work!

  22. Oh, I love everything and would love to have their products in my home!

  23. I love the light. It fits perfectly in your foyer. I’d love the 3 or 4 light versions for my two spare bedrooms!

  24. i audibly gasped when i saw this IT IS PERFECT.

    Schoolhouse Electric is my #1 dream source for literally everything, and going to the store in portland did not help. i wanted to just move right in.

  25. Ok, I know I say this about all products/things, but I am obsessed with this site! I want everything!

  26. I have been dreaming of outfitting our home in their stuff for YEARS! This is the giveaway of my dreams. Thank you for the chance!

  27. uh whaaat?? how have I never heard of this place? i’m obsessed now, thanks Kim! That light is heaven – we are on light patrol – an eight hour drive to Portland sounds worth it!

  28. That looks so good!! I love the way the brass works with the cooler colors.

  29. Great jones desk lamp! I could never afford any of these great pieces w/o a gift card.

  30. Your light is so amazing. We, too, have had their lights bookmarked for far too long. It’s time to make them a reality, I think!

  31. Can we see a picture of the light from the outside? Would love to see it framed in the transom window.

  32. What a great giveaway! I actually have a couple lights from schoolhouse electric picked out for our master bath, I just haven’t been able to order them yet. Would LOVE to win!

  33. Thanks, everyone!

    JoLyn, we’ll definitely have to do that. It’s been so cold, that going outside felt a bit torturous ;) We can’t wait to start sprucing it up this spring and showing off how it all looks together!

  34. Heloooooo! I’ve been desperately looking for something to replace the giant, hideous “boob light” above our kitchen table since we moved into our new house. What were the previous owners thinking?! Would love to win a much needed giveaway for a much needed light fixture.

  35. I’ve been searching for a great entry light – think I might have found my source!

    Looks great guys! Keep up the fabulous work. :)

  36. Hello! I’m looking forward to replacing the lights in our bedroom and kids’ bedroom! I hope I win, otherwise I can’t afford it…

  37. I love this fixture! And we are about to remodel our kitchen in our 93 year old house and I was just on Schoolhouse Electric’s site fantasizing about fixtures. I hope this is a good sign! :)

  38. My spouse and I love to peruse Schoolhouse Electric and drool, especially over the clocks!

  39. Super unique light! I love it! Going to have to check out their shop now…!!

  40. What a wonderful giveaway!! Fingers crossed – I could use some new stools for our kitchen island!!

  41. As a Portlander – do come back – even if I don’t grab the win on this great give away :)


  42. Lucky enough to live in Portland and gaze at the amazing lights in Schoolhouse on a regular basis, but now I need one in my house to gaze at!

  43. So, I’m new to the blog. This is the firs post I’ve read. Love it. I’m definitely going to put you on my Bloglovin’ feed. Love that light fixture. AMAZE-BALLS!!

  44. Hello! I love the light fixture; I’m also SMITTEN with the paint color in the nook room (I’m a new follower :-)). I actually logged in today just to show my husband the Blue Fir…

  45. looks great. it always feels so good to check lighting off the list.

  46. Today is my first visit to your blog. Your lighting choice is stunning and sucked me right in. I would love some new lighting as well!

  47. Just clicked over to check out your blog from the BHG Blogger Award page and I fell in LOVE with your new light fixture!!

  48. Oh boy, do I need some help in the lighting situation here!
    Loving being able to follow your amazing progress.

  49. Just relocated to Portland and visited Schoolhouse Electric last week – such a great place!

  50. Hello from a pittbull rescuing, home renovating, schoolhouse electric loving fan of your amazing blog! Any chance you want to come redo my place? Pibble kisses included!

  51. Loving the entryway and thanks for turning me on to Schoolhouse Electric! AMAZING!

  52. OMG, I love Schoolhouse Electric!
    Thanks for the chance &
    I love following your blog!

  53. Your entryway is looking nothing less that stellar! I get so excited every time a new post of yours shows up on my Feedly reader. And Schoolhouse Electric… well, all their stuff is just amazing.

  54. Love your blog. We’ve been updating our 100 year old home and your blog has been quite an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  55. Hello!!
    Thank you SO much for doing this giveaway! I lurve Schoolhouse electric

  56. Sooo jealous! We have just moved to a three story house loaded with boob lights (and one alien boob light– it has 6 boobs). I cannot wait to change our lighting!

  57. I love it! And how perfect that it is perfectly framed by the transom window from the street??

  58. Cool light fixture! It’s so much fun checking in to see how your new digs are progressing. *LOVE*!!

  59. I am lucky enough to live in Portland, but have yet to purchase lighting from Schoolhouse. We just bought our first home 6 months ago and have been drooling over several option that they offer, I can’t wait until we can invest in one! This is such an exciting giveaway, good luck everyone!

  60. Hello ! I just give it a try and play with you and Schoolhouse (I live in France). I LOVE your new lighting fixture, and cherry on the cake, it was a gift. Lucky you – and all the previous bad moments are now gone, I can see you both smiling.

  61. Great choice! And great blog! Love the work you are doing to your old house :)

  62. Yay, amazing giveaway!! I love their lighting, and it looks gorgeous in your entryway :)

  63. I’d love to see a nighttime photo of the light through the transom….

  64. I covet so many things Schoolhouse Electric! So excited for this giveaway!

  65. I adore this blog — your condo gave me so many ideas for my apartment and now I desperately want my own Chicago home!

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  67. Awesome fixture and great giveaway! Thanks so much–fingers crossed!

  68. I love the simplicity and the clean look of that light (and your style in general)!

  69. I’ve been eyeing the satellite fixture in bronze and black for months!

  70. Beautiful light fixture! My goal is to replace all the “boob” lights in my house. :)

  71. Love your blog and Schoolhouse Electric. It’s so much fun watching your journey with your new home. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration.

  72. Oh wow, awesomeballs! Seriously, looks fantastic!!! And I have my fingers crossed for the prize :) :) :)

  73. The light is a wonderful addition. And that waxed canvas utility bag.. *googly eyes*

  74. I love Schoolhouse Electric–hoping to get a light fixture from there for my kitchen

  75. The new light looks beautiful. I am in love with pretty much every single thing Schoolhouse Electric does. The Casandra bed is my current favorite.

  76. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Schoolhouse Electric – products with such style and character!

  77. Love your selection! You folks are doing an amazing job of pulling these spaces together (so far!) and injecting your style into this old house, I’m so impressed! Keep up the awesome work!!

  78. Thank you for the giveaway! Schoolhouse always has such a great selection!

  79. I already said it on Instagram, but I love that light! Also, I have a vintage Chemex coffee pot. They are the best! So nice to see Schoolhouse carries them…in case anything ever happens to mine!

  80. Can’t wait to see more of the house. It’s coming together so beautifully!

  81. i have been oogling new lighting for our house for a while. would LOVE to have that one you got!

  82. Wow, that is a stunning light fixture! Was it heavy because it is solid brass? I love the stuff at Schoolhouse but have never been able to afford it- maybe now I will ;)

  83. Love the light, and would love something like that for our dining room!

  84. Just found your website from the BH&G blogger winners. Congratulations. So excited to start reading your blog.

  85. I need new light fixtures but I’m totally directing my brother to the actual store since he lives in Portland and just bought anew house!

  86. I’m looking for a new light fixture for my formal dinning room. Thanks!

  87. Great giveaway! Thank you so much for the chance to win. I love schoolhouse electric! They have great lights.

  88. Love the light fixture! Love the giveaway but I do not love the fact that I have to like places and things in order to get all the votes! I recommend going with giveaways the way Young House Love does with just one “vote”. Easy peasy & everyone has a fair chance! (I have 3 – because I love YBH & everything with you – out of 5 but I’d prefer not to have to like something just to get more votes) Sorry for the rant, just my opinion and I’m sure many others as well.

    1. Hi Amanda, that’s totally a valid and fair point! Thank you so much for your feedback. A lot of times, our sponsors support us with something that we would love to have in our own home, and they ask in return that our readers share the love with them, too. I can definitely see both sides, so this is something to consider for the future. (And PS… we love having you as a reader too! You’ve been around with us for a long time, and it doesn’t go unnoticed!)

  89. I love my 1960’s ranch house but it definitely has some miserable shoestring budget rental grade flush mount lighting going on. I’d love to one day install recessed lighting in some of the rooms, but others are dying for a bit more flair like Schoolhouse’ products.

  90. Love Schoolhouse Electric. Thanks for providing a giveaway option for those of us not on social media!

  91. I’ve just discovered your blog from the BHG blogger awards and I’m hooked. I’ve started reading from the beginning (I’m about half way through now) and I’m already trying to think of ways to convince my partner to let me put more colour on the walls, and finally hang up some art like we’ve been meaning to do for ages (although finding a spot amongst all our sloping a-frame walls makes it a little difficult!) Your website is definitely an inspiration and a new must read. Glad I found you! :)

    1. Caris, wow, that is impressive! Haha, we hope you didn’t mind all of our crazy rambling at the beginning… Oh, boy. (And thank you so much!)

  92. What a statement! We’re in desperate need of new lighting in our 1978 time warp home.

  93. Holy catfish — I want one! Awesome giveaway, thanks so much for the opportunity!

  94. That light fixture is so beautiful! I love seeing what you guys are doing to your home–maybe especially because we rent so we can’t do anything on this kind of scale. :) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

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