Really, guys? The last time you left your mark on our corner building, you at least thought about composition (or something). And now look. Just sloppy. Here’s a thought: yellow does not trump black. KJ, you’re not masking anything up on that yellow brick.

Last week, the hubs called in help from the big guys, Graffiti Blasters. Here’s to hoping they squash that unwanted art – before this little neighborhood competition gets…oh, I don’t know…worse?

8 replies on “Sloppy.”

  1. ugh! i hate this! i work for walgreens and live near a brand new one coming up in my neighborhood. And guess what? graffiti is allll over it already! its not even open! tired of the hoodlums of chicago!!

  2. Kim, Bad deal! Sorry you guys have to go thru more aggrevation. Think of what the idiot could do with his/her life if the energy was used in a positive manner.

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