Stout + Ice Cream = A Great Idea

A couple years ago, we shared one of our favorite summer sweet treats, porter shakes! It’s still our go-to during the warmer months, but even easier, we tried a similar take in float form.


In this month’s taste test, we partnered with Pinhole Press and upped the cute factor for Scott; that is, with Father’s Day just around the corner and all. (Being the world’s best dad to four pets absolutely counts!) After deciding on a dark chocolate stout, I peeled off the labels and swapped in custom bottle labels featuring smooshy photos of Jack and CC with the man of honor. Scott could not stop laughing (I believe his exact words were, give me a break!), and I guarantee they’d make any dad light up.


Of course the next step is the indulgence – pouring, smothering in ice cream and drinking! You can see more of the designs we chose over at the Pinhole blog, and I promise you, the photos of CC are too much. That girl.

Bonus! If you’re looking to treat your dad (or yourself, who am I kidding?) to silly, personalized one-of-a-kind drinks (or cards or books or frames!), Pinhole Press is offering 15% off sitewide when you enter the code YELLOWBRICKHOME at checkout! Promo runs through Father’s Day, June 22nd, and you can get started right here.

We’re happy to be featured contributors to the Pinhole Press blog, and you can see all of our posts right here. Be sure to stick around and get inspired by their whole crew!

11 replies on “Stout + Ice Cream = A Great Idea”

  1. The last picture of CC on the Pinhole Press blog – OMG. She is such a ham lol! This is a very cute gift idea and you have two ADORABLE pups :)

  2. How cool are those labels?! So cool in fact, I just ordered from Pinhole Press. Thanks for the recommendation. So looking forward to sharing with my dad on Father’s Day! And I’m sure we’ll all going to love that recipe. ;) Woot-bring it on summer!

  3. What a great idea! We home brew and have been looking for labels!

    Unrelated, where is Scott’s Chicago T from? My husband would love it!

  4. That shake looks incredibly delicious. Mixing ice cream and booze is always a good idea, and I think I might try this at the next party I throw.

    There’s a place in Toronto which has awesome desserts, I believe its called Sidewalk Cafe and they have a few boozy concoctions that I really enjoy.

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