A Chicago Salvage Shop with Purpose

Remember the Great Door Hunt of 2013? We learned a lot of lessons that summer when it comes to shopping second-hand, and although our silly story saw us through ups, downs and in-betweens, we came out on top. Hooray! As frustrated as that journey felt at the time, can I admit something? I secretly loved […]

The Elkhorn Flea and a Pumpkin Patch

Big strides were made over the weekend, starting with our home’s garden unit! You might remember that we’re turning our former two-flat into a single family home, but we also have a finished basement that we’ve been avoiding since our July move-in… until recently. We’re working with the city on some zoning restructuring (and once […]

Vintage Bazaar!

You may remember last year when we hit up the first annual Vintage Bazaar in our ‘hood’s music venue, The Congress Theater. Well, the 2011 edition was yesterday, and it was awesome. Same place; same time. Everything from Herman Miller chairs to old bowling pins, prints, letterpress, and pre-made terrariums were represented. We even bore witness to the debut […]

Follow us to “The Flea”

On our recent trip to Cincinnati over Memorial Day weekend, we partook in one of our favorite Cincinnati pastimes at the Peddler’s Flea Market on Kellogg Avenue, otherwise known simply as “The Flea.” It was the perfect day, and the lot was bustling just as we’d hoped. Surrounded by questionable bars and night clubs, a […]

Like Antique Malls? Get In the Business.

As the title of this post suggests, my aunt and uncle did just that. And with a last name like Master, what better name than Master Pieces Antiques? Aunt Mary Pat and Uncle Doug have always had a passion for antiques. It’s been obvious in their choices of hundred-year-old houses, vintage British sports cars and […]