Nailed It (+ Something For You Too)

7 months ago, we threw our first sledgehammer through the wall. Less than 1 month after that, we packed our boxes, moved in, and really began the demolition – ripping up carpet, raising ceilings, pulling down studs and cursing the lathe behind every sheet of drywall. We (im)patiently worked around our contractors (for almost 4 […]

Anteaters, a Bison and a Cobra

While we continue this funny dance of limbo-living, we’ve had to make a few decisions on somewhat de-personalizing our very, very personal bathroom. Because as I’ve brought up recently, it’s the only room in our whole home with our faces – quite literally – plastered all over the walls. Naturally, our first step was to […]


Our Onward! ship print (picked up during our whirlwind Parisian weekend at Les Puces) has been sitting on our kitchen counter top for weeks. We hadn’t so much as picked it up to wipe off the dust, let alone fix up the framing issues. So on Monday, I asked Scott if he could find a […]