Black + White + Brass + Ostrich(!)

Over Thanksgiving weekend, our friends Julie and Brian (visiting from Portland – hi, guys!) stayed with us for a blissful four days of eating, drinking and drinking some more. Somewhere in between the excessive drinking (and eating), I mentioned that we had loads of samples for the bath and laundry rooms, and although we had narrowed them […]

It Wouldn’t Be Demo Without a Few Surprises

Demolition started last week, and things got real real, real fast – in the best possible way (mostly)! On the first day, I sat at my desk on one side of the plastic sheeting and painted your pets. Every now and then, our general contractor would ask me my opinion on something, and with every brief interruption, he’d […]


Sunday was spent emptying the bed, bath and laundry rooms of everything, and although it’s not the most exciting way to spend the last day of a holiday weekend, it was, honestly, refreshing. Goodbye, bathroom! See ya, chimney-that-makes-no-sense! We created piles for donation, sale and trash, and now the upstairs feels… well, it feels empty! […]

Bathroom Planning + a Kohler Day Trip!

We guess that our bathroom was last renovated about thirty years ago, simply based on the current fixtures and the state in which they (sort of) stand. There is nothing remarkable in how it was done, and at the very least, we can say that the design is inoffensive; but over time, little grout remains between the tiled floor, […]

Bed + Bath + Laundry (But First, Bath!)

For the last two years, we’ve focused almost every bit of our attention on the first floor. It’s where we spend most of our time, and with the kitchen finally checked off, we’re calling the main level done-for-now! That said, the second floor – with the exception of studio updates and the smaller work room […]

Let’s Go Back. Way Back.

On Monday, we shared the front half of our home’s evolution for our four year home anniversary (holla!), most of which was not terribly embarrassing – but I’m gonna go ahead and call that foreshadowing. So, come on in again, and this time, we’ll detour the living room and head straight down the back hallway. […]

Please Close the Bathroom Door Behind You

Because if you don’t, Miss Maddie will have a field day with the toilet paper. No, we’re not talking about during use (because, dear guests, we hope you would anyway), but as you leave, please remember this rule. While we remember most of the time, there are still sneaky moments during teeth brushing and hair […]