Be Our Guest: Mommy Needs a Minute

I’ve no idea how I came across Mommy Needs a Minute almost year ago, but holy shmoly, I was instantly hooked. Erica’s unique voice and easy writing style had me laughing, literally, out loud from the start, and her account of daily life, musings, and overall misadventures often times hit close to home. Bizarre, considering […]

Be Our Guest: Love and a Six Foot Leash

I first found Love and a Six Foot Leash, an addictive journey through the eyes of foster pups and parents, during the Gonzo Bunny Ears era. (He’s an animal lover’s must see.) That same day, I read the blog from start to finish, then I spent the entire night telling Scott about Aleksandra and her […]

Be Our Guest: Making This Home

Making This Home is a relatively new-to-us blog, and we’ve been continually blown away by Katie’s insight and adventures. You guys, Katie and her husband, Martin, live in a house made of tires. They renovated a 36 square foot kitchen in Berlin, and now they’re gutting an airplane hangar as a place to settle in […]