The (Week and) Week’s End

We spent the last 9 days traveling the triangle of terror, as Scott would say (in good jest, of course) – from Chicago to Cincinnati, from there to Pittsburgh and back home again. With close to one thousand miles on the road, we almost put our ol’ wagon over the 100,000 mile mark, but not […]

Weekends, Fleas, and Another Mirror.

Over the weekend, we took a quick break from Chicago, packed up the wagon, and squeezed in time to visit friends and family in the Queen City… … and we bought another mirror at the Kellogg Flea. Our collection has unintentionally grown from one to two to three in the office, since that’s where this […]

Follow us to “The Flea”

On our recent trip to Cincinnati over Memorial Day weekend, we partook in one of our favorite Cincinnati pastimes at the Peddler’s Flea Market on Kellogg Avenue, otherwise known simply as “The Flea.” It was the perfect day, and the lot was bustling just as we’d hoped. Surrounded by questionable bars and night clubs, a […]